Everything you need to know about the game in Blackjack! Blackjack, also known as a game in “Oczko” or playing in “21”, is one of the most popular card games in history! Today you can play blackjack live not only in terrestrial casinos, but also in online casinos!

Which Australian online casinos are the best to play blackjack?

Finding a casino with blackjack is nothing difficult because this popular card game is offered in almost all the best casinos for Australian players. What’s more, most casinos gives you the opportunity to try virtual blackjack for free, playing with demonstration mode. However, if you want to start playing blackjack, and you are a beginner, we recommend choosing tables with the smallest rates. Where to play? You should visit Vulcan Vegas., Energy casino or Betssonto start playing in a stylish environment. In addition to the above casinos, there is still a whole enormity of other platforms on which you can play in the eye. Take a look at our bookmark reviews And choose a casino that stitch your heart!

Is a blackjack game safe in Australia?

Yes, you can legally play blackjacka online from Australia if you join the casino licensed by Malta Gaming Authority or another committee for gambling. Fortunately, all casino recommended by us have adequate permits to conduct business, they are checked by our experts and accept players from Australia. You can therefore be sure that your money will be safe and the game will be played at a fair and random way.

Is a blackjack online game honest?

Yes, there are no reason to worry! Licensed casinos provide the highest security standards, because all virtual games are based on a random number generator (RNG – RANDOM Number Generator), and this one is regulated by independent testing agencies such as TST and eCogra. You can be completely sure to comply with Fair Play and integrity rules while playing blackjacka online.

Is it worth playing blackjack online?

The online blackjack game became popular mainly due to its simplicity and fast action. Even a beginner player can immediately enjoy this classic card game because its principles are very easy to understand. However, this is not all the advantages that he has a blackjack online. First of all, Blackjack Online means many more variants of the game to choose from than in the ground casino. You can choose from classic versions of the game or select a variety that contains an exciting refund. In addition, you can make selection from many tables with different betting options. Players with a limited budget can sit at the table, which offers an inexpensive betting range, while a person who likes the game for high rates will please the VIP table, which only accepts large plants. Most importantly, thanks to the connection to the Internet you will be able to play whenever you feel like it! In the table below you can see the other benefits of this online game:

Blackjack Online

Blackjack in a terrestrial casino


Game anywhere



Many places at the table

Play in the comfort of your home

Just sit comfortably in the chair, log in to your account and … Are you ready to play! Regardless of which hour is and how much you have free time, you can enjoy online blackjack anywhere in the world. In addition, Blackjack works smoothly on mobile devices, so the only thing you need to start playing this phone or tablet with internet access. Such comfort and convenience will only provide you with online.

Receive Bonuses to Game Blackjack Online

I think you agree that extra funds on your account are a great motivation to start the game. Fortunately, getting extra cash is not difficult because online casinos fight for the attention of players offering substantial welcome bonuses. So you can spend a moment and choose a casino that will offer us the best 


 for registering. EnergyCasino and 


These are examples of just two casinos in which you can register today and win an additional start bonus.

Get access to a live casino promotion

A live blackjack provides fantastic emotions, so it is worth applying for a live casino bonus. Before you start the game, please note whether the operator has a bonus on offer. Undoubtedly, thanks to an additional bonus, the game will become even more exciting!

Play with many tables simultaneously

Who said you can not play with several tables at once? Game in Blackjack online gives you this opportunity! In the online casino you can easily join many tables in which you will try to defeat the dealer in several hands at once. They do not necessarily have to be the same game variants – you can choose different blackjack varieties depending on what you feel like. Such an option is an ideal choice for those players who like fast action and even more emotions!

Blackjack – Experience a classic online casino game

The game remains the same, but its atmosphere is variable by the presence of a real dealer or the use of virtual effects. Read more to get acquainted with various ways of playing blackjack online below.

Differences between blackjack and virtual blackjack

The most noticeable difference when playing blackjacka online is whether the dealer is present or not. A virtual blackjack or Blackjack RNG is games based on the same principle as vending machines in which the result is randomly produced by a computer generator of random numbers. When playing blackjacka live, the action takes place in real time, and the cards are tassed and distributed by a real dealer whose movement you can see on the computer screen. What’s more, in the live gameplay you can communicate with the dealer and other players through the chat window and sometimes a microphone. It’s hard to clearly state which blackjack version is better. In most cases, this is a matter of taste because both versions of this game have many advantages. Blackjack in a live casino offers more socialization options, as well as the opportunity to play without leaving the house. On the other hand, Blackjack Rng has the advantage that the game is faster and the minimum rates are usually lower.

Virtual games in Blackjack

Most online casinos offering numerous virtual blackjack variants in which a player against a computer play. We can choose from, such varieties like Blackjack European, Blackjack classic and many more. A big is here you can play for free, or in demo mode. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the principles and practice of some techniques and strategies.

Blackjack with a live dealer

Blackjack in a live casino is available in all casinos that offer games with a real-time dealer. The game is very easy, and the selection of tables in various online casinos is usually impressive. Some examples of blackjack variants in a live casino that are worth trying a blackjack party, common draw blackjack, freebet blackjack, blackjack party, infinite blackjack and much more. Although the basic rules of the game are the same on all tables, nuances are different. On some tables you can play blackjack only with one hand, in others you can use a few. Remember to get acquainted with all the principles of a specific blackjack variant before joining the game to make sure you know what it’s all about.

How does Blackjack work?

Blackjack in online casinos does not differ too much from the traditional Blackjack, in which you may have the opportunity to play home with friends. The rules of the game are very simple – the gameplay takes place between one or more players against the dealer, with at least one tali consisting of 52 cards. The main goal of the game is to overcome the dealer by achieving the value of the cards as soon as the number 21, which means that you must achieve a result higher than the dealer point, but not higher than 21. Each card has its value, and so cards from 2 to 9 have the same value that is given on the front, and the card with a value of 10, the figures of Waleta, the king and ladies have a value of 10. The most valuable card in this game is AS, which can take a value of 1 or 11, depending on the player’s choice. The game runs in the following steps:

  1. Each player puts a bet.
  2. Then cards are distributed.
  3. The dealer gives each player one discussed card and one discovered for himself.
  4. Another card is then distributed discovered to anyone, but the second dealer card remains covered. Therefore, each player in addition to the dealer receives two discovered cards. The dealer will have one discovery card and the other covered.
  5. If the first two player cards are as, and another 10-cartridge, for the first time he is lucky – it gives exactly 21 and the player wins. If both the dealer and the player have 21, this is called a draw, and the player receives the amount.

Basic principles in blackjack with a live dealer

The rules of the game remain identical, i.e. the main goal is to achieve a magical sum of 21 points and defeat the dealer. On the way after winning, you must remember a few basic principles that will help you make the right decisions during the game. With two cards, you must decide whether to ask for more or stop on these two. In addition, you must be able to evaluate at which moment you double the stake or separate the cards into two separate hands or consider insurance of your plant. If it sounds complicated and would like to better understand Blackjack’s terminology, read the following description of possible moves that are available for players before the dealer reveals their covered card:


This situation in which the selection of subsequent cards is too risky or when the cards owned by the player give a satisfactory result. In this case, the player decides to wait and check if his result is better than the dealer or other players at the table. Also known as Stick or Stay.


The player decides to choose another card. If this will exceed the total number of points 21, then the player loses the game.

Double down

The player decides to double his bet and choose another card.


The player can divide his cards into two individual hands if the first two cards have the same value. Croupier gives out a second card to choose it to the card on the table. Then the player can decide on Hit, stand or Double.


If the game offers this option, the player can bet half his bet from the pool and not from his own resources. After each player will play his turn and make decisions, the dealer reveals his covered card. If the dealer has a result of 16 points or less, he choses another card. When the dealer has ASA worth 11 and any cards that add up to six points, it is known as “Soft 17”, may be required, stand or hit if the casino has implemented a soft 17 as one of the rules.

Side Bets – Side plants

These are separate plants that have nothing to do with the main plants and take place within a few seconds before each round. There are different types of side bets in blackjack, and each of them is executed for a specific reason. Below are we closer to:

  • Blackjack insurance

With this option, we can use the lateral plant when, according to our predictions or calculations, there is a risk that the dealer will have a blackjack on his first two cards. At that time, we focus on half the rate we have previously put on a given hand. If our predictions prove to be right and the croupier will win the eyelet, thanks to insurance, we will receive a refund and insurance that we set. In short, we will avoid the risk of loss. However, if the dealer will not have a blackjack, our insurance is lost, and the hand is played to the end.

  • Sidebook 21 + 3

You win the 18 + 3 side bet when the first two cards and the first open dealer form one of the five next poker systems:

  1. Three of the same color

     – for example, three four spades,

  2. Royal poker

     – cards with numerical sequence of the same color,

  3. Three of the same kind

     – a different color, the same value

  4. Straight 

    – Numeric sequence of cards, but another color

  5. Colour 

    – All cards have the same color

You can learn more about layouts in poker Totalj.


There are three types of ideal pairs:

  1. Two cards of the same color

    For example, two peak rolls.

  2. Two cards of the same color

    For example, the peak roller and Trefl roller.

  3. only a couple

    , for example, a peak roller and a karo roller

  • Bet Behind Side Department

This is an interesting side bet, in which basically do not play alone, but you bet on another player. This is a particularly good option if there is no room on the table.

Number of waist and casino advantage

Blackjack variant, which you choose, will determine the number of card deck used in the game. In most blackjack games online play with 8 theaters at the same time, although you can find variants that use only one deck. The number of used waist affects the advantage of the casino. The game with one tali has a lower casino advantage than this one with eight deck, which can be seen in the table below:

Number of waist

Casino advantage

Single waist 0.17%
Double waist 0.46%
4 waist 0.60%
6 waist 0.64%
8 waist 0.66%

What is the basic strategy in blackjack?

If you want to increase your chances of winning, before placing a bet for real money, we recommend familiarizing with the basic blackjack strategy. Basically, this strategy will tell you when to undergo, divide the cards or double the stake, and also when hit or wait (hit or stand). To understand and remember this strategy, it’s best to use the colored table that you can find below:

H: HIT – Select card, S: Stand – Do not select cards, D: Double Down – Double Stawka, SP: Split – Card break

After getting acquainted with the rules, there are several other tips on remembering if you want to increase your chances of winning:

  • Do not take insurance: 

    Ignore the insurance option if the cards have been distributed and the croupier has ASA.

  • If you get a pair of eights or aces, share it

    : When the player receives 2 identical cards, he usually has the ability to separate them. A pair of eights is the worst possible hand, so if you separate them, you will have 2 chances to get 18.

  • Do not separate par 6 or 10:

     Because a pair of 10 equals 20, this hand is too strong to risk obtaining bad cards. Sharing six will cause the worst possible hand.

  • Play Heads-up against the dealer:

     It offers many benefits in Blackjack’s online tables to avoid losing due to an inexperienced player.

  • Avoid side betting (Side Bets): 

    In these plants, almost always the house (casino) has an advantage, even if the games with side plants can have greater withdrawals.


Depending on the blackjack variant, the player can give up the middle of his initial plant (in other words, recover half of his plant) and close the hand before taking additional cards. It is worth doing when the croupier has ASA or 10, and you have a bad hand, for example 12 to 17 without ASA. This makes sense also in other situations:

  • If you have 16, and your dealer has 10.
  • If the dealer has 9 or A.
  • In addition, surrender gives you a small advantage, even if you have 15, and the dealer 10.
  • These are all suggestions for playing four or more talias of cards.

When separated a pair

Separating a pair of identical cards doubles your plant and gives two chances of winning. Generally, it is recommended to separate the pair in blackjack when you get 2 aces or 2 eights to get two strong hands and increase the chances of getting 21. You should also divide a pair of two, Trójek or seven, if the croupier shows seven or less. If the dealer shows two to six, divide a pair of six. The only cards that are not worth separation is 10, 4 and 5.

When doubling a bet

Doubling the rate is one of the most interesting and most aggressive movements you can do by playing blackjacka online. You double your stake in exchange for one more card. This strategy makes sense if you have ASA and 5, 6 or 7, which gives you a “soft” sum from 16 to 18, and the dealer shows the card from 2 to 6. With ASA and a lower card (from 2 to 4), it is better to simply hit because it is less likely that you will end with a high hand.

Counting cards in blackjack

Correcting cards is a kind of strategy used to reduce the casino advantage in favor of the player. It consists in observing, counting and storing the given cards, thanks to which you will have a better insight on which of them probably will appear next. In general, the more high cards will remain at the waist, the greater the statistical advantage of the player, and the more low cards remain in the waist, the greater advantage of the casino. Surely, you can use the fact that the cards left in the waist are conducive to your chances and at this point raise the rate height. In turn, when the statistical advantage is on the casino side (relatively more low cards remains relatively more than high cards) is worth to bet for minimal rates, reducing the risk of loss. In this way, in a longer period, your winnings will be higher than the lost, giving you a statistical advantage over the casino. Not everyone agrees that counting cards gives advantage, but certainly this skill is useful, and also provides an additional dose of emotions.

*Do you know that?

In 2002, Baron’s Casino in San Diego, the Pantheon of Sława Blackjack (“Blackjack Hall of Fame”) was founded to celebrate the largest professionals specializing in blackjack. Awarded players receive a lifetime free package of food and drinks, as well as a room at the Baron Casino, in exchange for permission for a lifetime ban on playing at the casino tables.

3 important tips worth knowing before starting blackjack online

We have prepared a small draw for you, which will help you learn the most important aspects of the game and prepare for the game in blackjack as a profession:

1. Meet the basic principles of games and side bets

The basic principles of the game are quite simple and easy to learn, but the knowledge of side and payouts can be a challenge. Take advantage of our guides that will help you learn all this.

2. Learn to play Blackjack using the strategy

Using the basic strategy is the key to success in Blackjack, because it increases your chances of winning in different situations. Start by mastering these basics, and when you feel confidently try something more complex to move the game to an advanced level.

3. Plan your budget and time

As in any gambling game, it is important to be prepared both for winning and losing. If you want to play professionally, this essential element is to plan in advance of your budget and the time you will devote to the game. Thanks to this, you can not see when you cancel and give yourself enough time to get used to the game.

Variants of games in Blackjack

There are several variants of traditional blackjack games that can be found in terrestrial and internet casinos. Below we looked closer to four most popular blackjack variations, and including: Blackjack Classic, Spanish 21, Blackjack Switch and Super Fun 21.

Blackjack classic

A classic blackjack is an exciting online casino game in which the player tries to get a stronger hand than the dealer. The goal is to get a hand with cards whose total point value is higher than the dealer, but without crossing 21 points. If the player exceeds 21 points, he is “busted” and at this point he loses the game.

Spanish 21 (Spanish 21)

Spanish 21 is a blackjack variety, which in some cases is the best choice in the casino. In places where the dealer stands on a soft 17 or doubling the plant is allowed, Spanish 21 can be a better choice than a classic blackjack, depending on the detailed blackjack principles. In Blackjack Spanish 21 plays with six waist. Players receive two cards and get the next cards so long until they decide to stop (“stand” – with stand), not exceeding 21. After placing the bet, the player receives his cards and hits or stands. Distributing follows him, and finally the best hand wins. In Blackjack Spanish 21 players have the opportunity to divide couples and continue facing two hands. Re-division is also possible if the player receives a different pair. The winning hand pays 1/1.

Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch is a blackjack variant that allows the player to do what is usually considered to be a classic fraud maneuver, exchanging cards between two hands. The player must put two bets of the same size and can change the second card distributed to each hand.

Game rules:

  • All rules are based on a traditional blackjack, unless otherwise stated.
  • Six or eight deck is used.
  • The player must put two bets at the same size.
  • The cards will be discovered.
  • The dealer will try to get a blackjack with an outdoor assemn or a tenth. If the Croupier has a blackjack, all the hands of the player immediately lose.
  • The player can replace the second hand-drawn card for each hand. For example, if one hand has 5,10, and the other 10.6, the player can turn 10 and 6 to have two hands 11 and 20. The player can also turn a card, creating a blackjack.

Super Fun 21

Super Fun 21 is a blackjack variant that adds several new players friendly. To balance these principles, most blackjacks pay a double rate. This Blackjack variant can be found in most popular terrestrial casinos in Las Vegas. This game can also be found in online casinos, often with the same principles, but under a different name. Some suppliers who offer super Fun 21 are Playtech and Microgaming. There are many differences in the principles between Super Fun 21 and a traditional Game in Blackjack. The player always wins when Blackjack (21 points). However, the payment is only equal to money as a rate, unless consists of two karo cards (diamonds). In this case, you pay 2 to 1.

Here is a list of other key differences:

  • Divided aces can be hit or doubled.
  • Each pair can be divided by a maximum of four times, including aces.
  • Surrolling is offered after the player will hit any number of cards.
  • Players can undergo unsuccessful doubling of cards.
  • There are six charlie cards, which means that hand with six cards that has not been busted, automatically wins.
  • Hand with 5 cards which add up to 21 points pay two to one.

*Do you know that?

Gelijko Ranogajec is a Australian blackjack enthusiast, which is considered the most effective casino player. It is said that its annual plants are worth about a billion dollars. Ultimately, Ranogajec was thrown out of the majority of casinos in Australia and the United States, and in 2011 he was entered into the Pantheon Flaw Blackjack.

How to improve your skills in the game?

Blackjack is one of those gambling games where in addition to happiness, player’s skills play a huge role. In addition to the use of the basic blackjack strategy, there are several ways to help you increase our chances of winning in this exciting game. Read on because we have tips for you that will help you become even better in the game!

1. Read our Games and Casins online

Why do we think it’s an important point? First of all, because choosing the right casino and variant of the game is half the way to success. In our reviews you will find information that offers a special bonus for this game, for example in the form of a refund for started started, and where you can apply for a bonus for topping up, which you can spend on this game. It is worth, especially at the beginning of an adventure with blackjack, play for additional measures because you have more time to grind the strategy while minimizing your own money investment. What’s more, reading the reviews of individual variants in Blackjack will help you choose this game variety that suits your budget and style game.

2. Practice playing for free in the demo version

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, many casinos offering a virtual blackjack, where you can play completely for free in demonstration mode using virtual cash. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the principles and grind your skills without having to spend your own money. Such a training will be useful before you decide to sit to a table with a live dealer, especially since the version of the live game is only possible for real money. Well, so that you have already mastered the basic skills before joining the table. On the other hand, also remember that choosing a cost-effective live casino bonus you can play for additional funds.

*Do you know that?

Blackjack is such a popular card game that often becomes a movie motif. The most famous cinema hit on this subject is a film under the title “21”, telling the story of a young and talented student who finds a way to pay the tuition by playing cards.

Play Blackjack in a mobile casino

If you want to enjoy blackjack and other casino games on your mobile phone or tablet, simply join the online casino that offers an optimized mobile page or has a dedicated application to download. We especially recommend the game in a mobile application because it is much more convenient and provides more intuitive service and also offers additional benefits such as special functions. Not to mention that you will be able to play this game from anywhere without having to log in to your Casino account from a mobile browser! The best mobile casino applications for Blackjack include:

Popular Table Suppliers for Blackjack

Below are absolute leaders among 

Software providers

 For a live casinos on which you will definitely hit each casino chosen!

  • Evolution Gaming

     For years, she has been a leading supplier when it comes to live casino games, including Blackjack. This software provider offers the widest range of blackjack variants, including a standard 7-passenger blackjack, Infinite Black, Speed Blackjack, Power Blackjack and Free Bet Blackjack. So if you are looking for a diverse selection of blackjack tables or VIP tables you should necessarily try their suggestions.

  • Pla

    ytech This is another great alternative thanks to Classic Blackjack stools live, Quantum Blackjack and Ultimate Blackjack.

  • Finally, Microgaming Which offer has many variants of the game, from the classic Blackjack, after a variation of Hi-Lo 13 European Blackjack, Vegas Downtown Blackjack, Spanish Blackjack and many more, which is worth trying!