Roulette in an online casino

Roulette is by far the most popular casino game in the world, right after blackjack. Read our guide to find out all the useful information that will help you improve your game and increase your chances of winning at online casino roulette!

What are the best online roulette casinos for players?

While all casinos provide you with the option to play online roulette, there are some platforms that are much better than others when it comes to the variety of virtual and live roulette games on offer, as well as bonuses and rewards.

Live Roulette

Is online roulette safe?

The answer to this question is absolutely YES! You can legally play online roulette if you join a casino licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) or another gambling commission.

All the casinos that you will find on our site are safe, verified by our experts and accept players.

As a player, you can be sure that your money will be safe and that the roulette game will be played fairly and randomly.

Are roulette games rigged?

RNG virtual roulette works on the results of a random number generator, similar to online slot machines.

The RNG is programmed to reflect real roulette odds.

Therefore, if you play RNG virtual roulette through a licensed provider, you can be sure that the game is not rigged in any way, since RNG has been tested for fairness by independent testing bodies.

Again, the only way to ensure that your online roulette game is fair is to join a licensed online casino such as the ones we recommend on this page.

When it comes to live roulette, the results are based on the actual spin of the roulette wheel, so there is no computer program behind it.

However, different camera angles will allow you to see the croupier spin the wheel in real time and make sure everything is done fairly.

We offer to play online casino live roulette, which is provided by such reputable companies as: Evolution, NetEnt and Playtech.

Why play online roulette?

Of course, the excitement of visiting a real casino is huge. The feeling of placing bets and making the other players at the roulette table freak out is one of a kind!

However, to do this, you first need to dress well, and then get to the city where the casino is located.

Generally speaking, not many of us have enough free time to frequent land-based casinos.

The good thing is that all online casinos available to players offer all kinds of roulette games, so you can bet at home or even anywhere in the world using mobile versions and casino apps on your smartphone or tablet!

Get a roulette bonus

If you decide to try roulette, you need to be careful and choose an online casino where you won’t regret betting your money.

Look for reliable and trustworthy casinos with a large selection of games, excellent customer service and of course generous casino bonuses that will give you the opportunity to play more and pay less.

Choose a free online casino that does not charge registration fees and offers games including demo roulette; this way you can try the game for free first and then choose the bonus and play for real money.

live roulette

Access to live casino promotions

The best roulette casinos also offer several roulette related promotions.

They are usually played on roulette live casino games and usually include cashback or prizes for players who manage to win certain bets during the promotional period.

Live Roulette promotions can be really exciting, so we encourage you to look for them on the casino offers page.

Playing Roulette with a Live Dealer

Live roulette seems to have taken center stage in online casinos these days, and for good reason.

By playing live roulette Australia, you will have a more vivid and realistic experience, which is very similar to playing in a land-based casino!

There are two types of best live roulette games you can try: live roulette streamed from a studio and live roulette streamed from a land-based casino.

The difference between live roulette and virtual roulette by RNG

RNG roulette, also known as virtual roulette and live dealer roulette, are the main types of roulette that you may encounter in an online casino.

Your preference and level of experience should determine which one is best for you.

Live roulette

Free live roulette includes a real roulette wheel located in a land-based studio or land-based casino and a real croupier who rolls the ball when you place your bet, while everything is streamed to your computer or mobile device.

During a live game, you can communicate with the dealer and other players via chat and sometimes a microphone.

Live broadcast of roulette from the studio

Live roulette play tables are set up in a custom designed studio with various tables around and camera equipment set up in front of each table.

The studio is elegantly decorated to resemble a real casino as much as possible. The croupiers themselves are always smartly dressed and friendly, which contributes to an unforgettable online casino experience.

Live streaming of roulette from a land-based casino

When we talk about land-based tables, we usually mean the fact that they are located in a real land-based casino.