Security primarily!

Neosurf is a very convenient form of making money transactions. It consists of top-up the card with a certain amount of funds, one of over 60 available payment methods.

Using the Neosurf card is fully safe and personal data is properly protected. Therefore, an increasing number of renowned online casinos introduce this method to their offer.

Neosurf A great attention applies to the policy principles Know Your Customer and fully adheres to the regulation on the protection of personal data.

Detailed principles of this payment method can be known here.

All casinos recommended by us, regardless of whether they have a Neosurf offer or only plan to introduce it, are fully safe and licensed entities.


How to use Neosurf Card in online casinos?

Do you want to know the most important steps when paying for a Neosurf card? Read the fragment below.

Using Neosurf is very easy. When you have a paid card, you can deposit a deposit. First, select the casino that accepts this method of payment. Fill out the data and enter the unique Neosurf code you have received when buying. The funds are immediately booked on the player’s account!

Are there any fees when making a Neosurf Casino card transaction?

When paying money using Neosurf, the casino can download a commission from your account (depending on the casino regulations).

In addition, there is a fee for replacing funds on a zloty, which is 3% of the amount.

Paying won on this card is impossible.

How to pay a deposit and withdraw funds using the Neosurf card?

Deposit payment via the Neosurf card requires several steps that close a few simple steps:

  • Paying the Neosurf card at one of the points of sale or online,
  • Registration or logging into the online casino,
  • Selecting Neosurf from the list of payment methods,
  • Entering personal data and selecting the right amount,
  • Introducing a unique code obtained when buying a card.

That’s all! You can enjoy the funds paid on your account.

Implementation of payments with this method is unfortunately not possible.

Neosurf payment

Solutions of the most common problems when using Neosurf cards in online casinos

If you have any problem with the payment of the cards from the card, read our solutions or the Neosurf or Casino Help assembly.

  • I can not withdraw funds.
    Unfortunately, the casino does not currently offer the possibility of paying funds via Neosurf.
  • I have a lower amount in my account than it was paid.
    This is because it has been charged for currency conversion.
  • I can not pay a deposit.
    Make sure you have the right amount of funds on the card and whether it is valid.
  • I can not pay two Neosurf cards at the same time.
    Enter the company page and select the resource transfer option to connect two cards.

Neosurf vs. Other payment methods

Just like other pre-paid cards and web portfolios, Neosurf gives full anonymity to users.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay funds for this card, and to your account Paypal so.

Most of the funds on the web portfolios are not all amplified, and in the case of Neosurf, users have 1 year to use users.

Familiarize yourself with the table to discover what benefits from paying via Neosurf.

Features Neosurf Mastercard Paypal Bitcoin
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