Learn more about PaySafecard!

If you are looking for a safe and anonymous method of depositing the casino funds, PaySafecard can be the best solution. Find out how to use it and check which online casinos accept this form of payment.

PaySafecard – payment method trustworthy

PaySafecard belongs to global leaders in the field of online payment appropriations.

The PaySafecard operator was founded in Austria in 2000 and currently operates in over 40 countries.

Despite the relatively long internship on the market, trust still gain in Australia.

Paysafecard owes its global success that it enables online transactions in thousands of online stores, including, of course, online casinos, without having a bank account or credit card.

So, what is this method? We are in a hurry to explain:

PaySafecard is a prepaid card, a so-called card – scrapbook with a unique 16-digit code that you can buy and recharge for cash in many stationary stores in your area.

In a word, this card allows us to pay for online products and services, just like cash.

In the further part of the article, we will carefully look at PaySafe as a company and what advantages and disadvantages carries this method of payment.

We want to help you find Safe online casinowhich accept PaySafecard as a payment measure.

That’s why read more to learn more!

Paysafe Card

Safety over everything

Making transactions on the internet always involves a certain risk.

We often hear about cases stolen by data hackers to a payment card or access to a bank account.

Using PaySafecard, you do not have to fear this!

First of all, PaySafecard is like cash.

You do not need to give your credit card details or bank account, because you just enter unique 16- digital PIN code For the approval of the transaction.

Thanks to this, you provide yourself Anonymityand also protect your personal and financial data.

Secondly, the company uses advanced security mechanisms, thanks to which the hacking or virtual reproduction of available funds by means of generators, is simply technically non-inconsistent.

Of course, as with each payment, you should also take precautions here.

The PIN should be treated as cash, so remember to never provide third-party codes, do not send them into an e-mail or serve on the phone.

A security guarantee from PaySafecard and your mindfulness when using the card will provide you with easy, fast and stress-free payments.

Do you know that?
All PaySafecard partners must be completed before the conclusion of the contract with a positive result. Compliance Check. PaySafecard checks exactly every single online store in terms of the subject of activities, company structure and ownership relations. In addition, PaySafecard controls whether a given online store has all the required licenses and permits necessary to do business. In this way, the company guarantees that partners meet the high requirements of PaySafecard in terms of security.

Why is it worth using PaySafecard?

We have already mentioned how easy it is to use PaySafecard.

The international presence of PaySafe means that you can buy one of their cards in over 650,000 sales points around the world, including supermarkets, gas stations and even at the post office.

Any card with values from AUD 10 to 200 AUD It gives you a unique 16-digit PIN code that must be entered in the payment section of the selected online store.

The card is a popular payment from game providers, portals and social networking sites, music, film and entertainment, as well as many others. These include, for example, Spotify, PlayStation®Store, EA Games, NCSoft or Skype.

Undoubtedly, the advantage is also that all expenses can be followed using a specially designed application.

If you happen that you will encounter a problem with the PaySafecard transaction, the company offers a range of support services.

First of all, you can a free phone number, which is also available in Australia, and send an email to a technical support team via the official website.

Using PaySafecard in online casino

Although we can now use many convenient Payment methods Online, such as electronic portfolios or credit cards, our society is still skeptical about the issue of using them.

In fact, many players often prefer to pay a prepaid card, due to larger Security and anonymityas well as transaction speed and ease to use.

Unfortunately, we must admit that the Australian gambling has some limitations (we guess that it is a gambling law from 2017) and for this reason a relatively few casinos introduced PaySafecard to his range of payments.

However, we are to help you in such situations and save your time, which is why we found a site for you in which this method is accepted.

Below you will find 3 popular casinos that accept PaySafecard to submit deposits from Australia without having to use VPN.

These are:

  • Malina Casino.
  • Betsson
  • Vulcan Vegas.

If you do not know which one you choose it on our site you can read their full reviews, and choosing the right platform for the game will turn out easy like a piece of cake.

We hope that PaySafecard will soon become a common method in all casinos that accepts players from Australia.

How to power a casino account using PaySafecard?

As you know, you do not have to give your credit card data or a bank account to make a deposit to the Casino account.

The only thing you need is a 16-digit PIN code from the PaySafecard card.

The deposit process itself is extremely simple and an additional is total Anonymity and security.

In addition, the payment is almost instantly It will appear on the player’s account, which will save you stress related to the expectation of the resources.

It is not surprising that PaySafecard is one of the most-chosen methods of depositing funds in online casinos.

Below, we presented a step by step, how to act with PaySafecard.

Read and find out more:

  • Purchase of a PaySafecard card

Are you wondering where to buy a card? You do not have to guess and look for blind!

On the official website of PaySafecard you will find the search features of the nearest sales point.

Just enter the city or zip code to get a list of stores in the area.

Now only choose the amount you want to pay the card and pay cash.

You have a PIN with values to choose from AUD 20, AUD 30, 50 AUD, 100 AUD, or 200 AUD.

  • Casino selection

Select the casino that allows you to make a deposit using PaySafecard.

Also make sure that you choose the platform meets other expectations.

If you hesitate to choose from, you can read our reviews that you may help you choose the best options for yourself.

  • Choose a way and deposit amount

Select PaySafecard Options from Available Payment methods In the casino.

Then enter the amount that a deposit is to be made and accept your choice.

  • Enter a 16-digit code.

The next step is only to enter a 16 digital code that is on the card.

Confirm all entered data and go further. That’s all!

The payment will be added to your player account instantly, so without unnecessary waiting you can start playing the casino on your favorite slogan.

  • Create your PaySafecard account

This is obviously not necessary, but definitely worth to have the we paysafecard application to manage your payments.

Thanks to it, the easiest way you check the state of the remaining resources, and you will also have an insight into the history of all your transactions.


Paying a win from the casino

PaySafecard is an ideal payment method to make payments in online casinos.

Unfortunately, the payment of a victory from the casino to your card – the scratchor is not possible and you will have to look for an alternative way.

In fact, casino can not carry out payments to prepaid cards due to the licensing and legal requirements applicable, including the law on counteracting money laundering.

So what you see, it does not result from their bad will of casinos, or that they want to block payment, but simply from strokes that must be observed in order to maintain the license.

Therefore, you should never worry to verify your player account. You will check your account sooner, the better!

Remember that successfully completed the process will give you the stress-free and quick implementation of your order.

Do you know that?
Over the years, PaySafecard has won numerous awards. Among other things, the PayBefore Award in terms of “Best Digital Currency”, “Best Virtual Or Digital Program” and “Consumer Value”. In addition, PaySafecard was awarded the PayBefore Awards Europe award in the “Innovative Prepaid Solution” bridge and “Consumer Champion”.

Fees related to the use of PaySafecard

All payments and transactions carried out via PaySafecard are free.

However, the company may charge for other services, such as conversion (in the case of payments made in a different currency than the one in which prepayment has been made) or an operating fee of AUD 20, if the user did not make any transactions for the last 12 months.

Do you know that?
Recently, you can order a PaySafecard MasterCard tab that will be delivered by post within 14 out of 20 business days to your address. Having this card also allows you to pay funds from ATMs without having a bank account.

Disadvantages and advantages of using PaySafecard in online casinos

As we have already mentioned, there are many advantages of using PaySafecard in online casinos.

In the table below you will find a list of the most important ones.

Check and decide if this method meets your requirements:

Benefits Disadvantages
Ensures full anonymity It is necessary to physically purchase the card from translation of media to the casino.
It allows you to have more control over your means No possibility for payment for PaySafecard pre-paid
It is safe and easy to use Limited availability in online casinos
Provides instant payments You can not combine pins to make a one-time payment
Allows you to send funds to electronic portfolios
Making deposits is free
You can easily check the balance of other resources, plan and manage your funds

PaySafecard and other payment methods

PaySafecard payments are convenient, but also have some limitations, especially the availability of this method in online casinos.

For this reason, sometimes players will have to look for an alternative method.

Among other liked payment methods, there are, among others, Trustly, electronic wallet Skrill, as well as more and more popular cryptosals, such as Bitcoin.

Online Casino PaySafecard have the offer primarily because it provides total anonymity paying, and this is a particularly desirable feature among players.

However, it is worth remembering that every payment method has its disadvantages and advantages, so really deciding to have any of them, always follow your individual preferences.

PaysafeCard Skrill Trustly Bitcoin
Immediate payment
High security


PaySafecard is a fantastic alternative to electronic portfolios, credit cards or a traditional bank transfer.

In addition, paying with pins allows consumers to preserve greater security and anonymity when finalizing transactions on the Internet.

Depending on the limited amounts using PaySafecard, you can easily control the budget you want to spend on the game and completely separate your casino expenses from all other home finance.

The transaction itself is child’s play, because the PIN principle is already known, eg from prepaid cards for mobile phones.

The icing on the cake is that payments are immediate, so without unnecessary waiting you will be able to start playing in your favorite casino.

Taking all this into account, it’s not surprising that PaySafecard belongs to one of the most popular online payment methods among players in Europe.

Paysafe Card