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PayPal is an online payment system that is used to make online payments.To be able to make a payment using this method, the only thing you need is an e-mail address and bank account.The company was founded in 1998, as one of the pioneers in making internet payments, after which she was taken over by Ebay in 2002.In 2007, the company obtained an official European Banking license and in 2014 their services were active in over 193 countries, thanks to which its 143 million registered users can pay and receive funds in PayPal in about 26 currencies.The best feature of their website is that the use of PayPal is completely free for buyers, fees are only charged from sellers.


PayPal Advantages

To make a payment on the Internet via PayPal, you must first open your PayPal account and be in possession of a normal bank account or credit card.

Personal information will never be visible to the party that receives payment.

That is why PayPal is a great online payment solution for people who are afraid of identity or personal data.

PayPal has a European Banking license, therefore their services have the highest security levels.

Payments in the PayPal system are fast and completely anonymous.

Paypal payment

PayPal is a less frequently found method of payments in casinos, but their number is constantly growing.

Making deposits in the casino through this method is very simple.

On the online casino payment page, select PayPal, and then specify the amount you want to transfer, and then the window will open in which you can log in to your PayPal account.

The money we credited will appear immediately on the casino account.

Paypal withdrawals

Paying funds from the casino account and moving them to the PayPal account, it works virtually the same as when making deposits.

Just select PayPal as a method of withdrawal on the casino site, fill out the form and the money will appear on your PayPal account in a few seconds.

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