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Craps is a guarantee of a living atmosphere at the table, where all players connect against the casino. when one favors happiness, everyone at the table wins what causes cheers and nailing friday. now you can successfully experience these emotions in the online casino! in this guide, we disclose everything you need to know about online bones, so that you then can try this fantastic experience.

Is the online Craps game safe in Australia?

All online casino games, including Craps are secure, provided that the casino chosen is checked. First of all, you should note whether the selected site has a license from committees such as Malta GaminG Authority Or a Curacao government. Seeing their logo on the site, you can be sure that a given platform meets the highest security standards and adheres to the strict principles set by these controlling institutions.

Is the game in Craps honest?

Our answer is short – yes! Licensed casino use 

Random numbers generator (RNG

) to ensure accidental results each time the bone throw, and this one is additionally certified by independent testing organizations such as eCogra Is TST. With such an arsenal of security and certificates, there is no way that your game is fake or in any way manipulated. Fortunately, on our site you will find only a fair and safe online casinos that also cooperate with licensed 

Online casino games suppliers

. So if you look for a new game site, you should visit our tab 


which will help you make the best choice.

What is Craps? A brief history of the oldest world game!

There are many theories on the origin of the game in the bone and the final version has not been established. We know, however, that bones are probably one of the oldest tools to play well. Some sources say that the bones were probably born in an orient, other that the game developed in different regions of the globe independently. And so we can find information that the bones were played in India, where it was entertainment of women and children, as well as in Greece, where they won popularity among higher social classes. In the Roman Empire, the bones were so popular that the Romans had to take into account them in their legal codex. He defined, among other things, when you could play in them. In Australia, the bones appeared in the Middle Ages, where it was a favorite form of entertainment among knights, passionately played in inns or princely courts. For the first time, the principle of this game described French Mathematician Pierre Rémond de Montmort in his book. As Crabes called a throw of the smallest value – this is probably today the English name of this game – Craps. In the 18th century, the game exceeded the Atlantic and spread on the streets of New Orleans to finally hit and to luxury casinos in Las Vegas. Together with the explosion of online casino development, bones as one of the first casino games have passed online transformations. The principles remained the same, and the emotions and unpredictability of the game have been well captured.

*Do you know that ?

If you play with an optimal strategy, live bones from Evolution Gaming have a total RTP at 99.17%! On the other hand, Playtech Rng Craps has RTP at 99.53%. However, to use such a low casino advantage, you must strategically bet on betting!

Why is it worth playing Craps online?

Bone game in 

Online Casino

 It carries many advantages. Check the table below and see the most important of them:

Craps Online

Craps in a stationary casino




Multiply your balance thanks to casino bonuses

A huge advantage of online casinos game is the opportunity to take advantage of 


 Welcome to new players. This is the easiest way to multiply the funds paid, extend the game time and increase your chances of winning. A special treat 

Bonuses without a deposit

Which offer some casinos. In, we always keep my hand on the pulse and inform players as soon as the offer will appear on the horizon! Remember, however, that not all the gold of what is on, so and bonus bonus is not equal. It is worth paying attention to the limitations of the offer and choose

 Bonus with low marketing requirement

. Fortunately, on our site you will find a different casino offer checked by our team with their objective assessment. We recommend using our reviews that will facilitate you finding a bonus tailored to your needs!
play craps online

Play at the best casinos from home!

A bone game, gently speaking, probably the loudest casino game. If you have ever had the opportunity to be in a stationary casino, you certainly noticed that the bone table raises the most emotions and excitement among players. Cheese, screaming and loud cheering are inextricably linked to bones and it would be difficult for such a movement escaping someone’s attention. If you expect similar emotions, the online casino will meet your expectations related to a traditional action on the table! Today’s gambling sites are so refined that you will experience the authentic emotions of the ground casino without having to move from home! We love this convenience – all you have to do is press the Roll button and the bones will be thrown!

Take advantage of the live casino promotion

The best casinos care about regular customers and offer a wealth of promotions that will diversify your time in 

Live casino

 and motivate to the game. Typically, promotions include a cash refund or doubling the deposit, as well as 

Free spiny

. It’s a really nice addition, which ultimately is also a prize for loyalty.

*Do you know that?

Some historical mention evidence that the word Craps comes from the French term “Crapanad”, which means toad. This happens because people played this game, crouching on the floor in a position similar to toad!

Craps in the online casino

The transfer of this classic game to the online world is associated with the implementation of several necessary changes, which include, for example, new functions. Of course, the principles remain the same, but the atmosphere and functions affect our game experience. Basically, in online casinos we will meet with two versions of the game in Craps – 

with a live dealer or virtual bones with RNG generator.

Read on to learn more.

Difference between Craps live and virtual bones from RNG

Currently, in casinos you can play two types of bone games: 

Craps with a live dealer


Craps RNG

, also known as 

virtual bones

. It is difficult to determine which of them is better – you should choose on the basis of your own preferences and experience level. However, there are clear differences that you can read below, so stay with us.

Craps with a live dealer

Here the action takes place in a specially designed studio in which there is an authentic bone table served by

 A real dealer.

Then the whole game is sent directly directly to your computer or telephone. A special mechanism installed at the table is used to kick. Professional dealer oversees the entire action, accepts bets and distributes chips after winning the plant. You can also communicate with your dealer and players all the time using chat available on the screen. All this makes us impress your stay in a real casino! In our opinion, Craps with a live dealer is probably the most addictive form of the game you can enjoy online. So if you are looking for authentic emotions and dynamic games, we recommend trying 

LIVE Craps


Evolution Gaming


Virtual bones online

The virtual bone game is a computerized version of the game with a virtual table on the screen, where after pressing the Roll button, the bones will be thrown on the table and the result will be specified randomly using a random number generator. The game is varied for realistic sounds of throwing cubes with a table or chips. This variant is a great solution for beginner players, because the learning of the principles and mastering the foundations of this unique game takes place in a quieter and quieter environment. In addition, many best online casinos allows you to play dice for free by using the demo version of the game. Try Craps from 


 – This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the rules of the game at your own pace, getting practices without risking a large cash.

How to play Craps?

The game in the bone at the beginning may seem saddened, but let’s be honest – this applies to everything we do not know. In fact, it is simple and contains several basic plants whose knowledge will allow you to start betting. The most important of them are

 Pass Line


Don’t Pass Line

We will explain in detail later in the article. Players at the table in turn appear as 


– A person who throws bones. Each shooter throws the bones as long as he wins. Maybe it lasts many queues. Then the bones are passed to the next player clockwise. Here is a step-by-step guide, how to join online games:

  1. Open the table

     – Select the online casino and run the dice table.

This can be an ordinary table or table with a live dealer at which you connect to other real-time players.

  1. Choose your rate

     – Choose the right rate for yourself and prepare for betting betting.

  2. Bet on the COME OUT ROLL

     – When the “OFF” button is visible, this means that a new game will start.

This is your chance to bet on the main Pass Line plant. When the bets are already put on the Pass Line, Shooter “overlooks” with the first throw, or “com out roll”.

  1. Pay attention to “Point”

     – If you receive a combination of 7 or 11 in the first throw you will automatically win. This position is called Natural.

If the sum of throws is 2 (known as “hose eyes”), 3 or 12, unfortunately you lost. We call this craps. Other combinations, ie 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 are called “point” and you will be able to continue throwing bones until one of these results is obtained.

  1. Attitudes 

    – When you see a button to “ON” on the table, it means that it’s time to bet out more betting.

Bets are continued until another 7 is thrown out, which means that you can have many opportunities to arrange tokens before the next round. We hope that this is simple so far, because in the further part of the article we will discuss more in detail available plants and game strategies that will help you maximize your chances of winning.

3 important tips worth getting to know before starting the game in Craps online

First of all, before starting the adventure with the bone game, we recommend reading its principles – we help and explain what is going on in the game in this article. Then, as appropriately equipped with the player’s knowledge, you should choose the right casino in which you will practice the newly acquired skills. Here you can also count on the help of our online casino ranking. At the end, you will remain choosing the right variant of the game. In the further part of the article you can read what currently the variants of this game are available in online casinos for Australian players.

1. Discover the basic principles, types of plants and withdrawals

To play Craps as a professional is necessary to get to know the types of betting and withdrawals that occur in the game. Reading our guide will result in a deeper understanding of the game, and this is the first step to success. Then only the practice remains, thanks to which you have a chance to become a champion in Craps. Below are all types of plants that we can put at the dome table:

Pass line

This is the first and most basic plant in Craps, in which Shooter betting against the dealer. You win it if you put on

 7 or 11

and you lose if you put on 

2, 3 the 12 (craps)

. Other results determine the so-called number 

Point (Punkt)

, which must be thrown in a further throw before number 7 so that the bet is won. If the shooter throws 7 before Point, the Pass Line bet. In this type of establishment, the casino advantage is only 1.41%, which is why it is recommended to beginners. The downside, however, is that the payment is equal to the height of the plant (1: 1).

Don’t Pass Line

This is the second option of the first plant, which consists in betting on the bet against another player (shooter). When deciding on this move you bet that he / she will not throw 

7 or 11.

If you made a mistake and the player will hit these numbers you lose. However, if there is a result 

2 or 3

 During the Come Out phase you win. The advantage of the casino over the player is small and is 1.36%, but the payout is only the amount of the plant. Interestingly, it is not welcome to bet on betting against another player, and some sources say it is even incompatible with the label of the game.

Come plant

This plant is concluded after the first throw, or “com out” and after confirming the Pass Line plant and determining the point. The bet takes if the shooter will throw a point before he throws 7. This plant also offers a payment in relation 1 to 1.

Don’t Come

Here you bet against the shooter and assume that you think it will lose. You can bet this plant at any time after the “Come” bet is placed.

Betting for proposals

This type of plant can only be concluded for one throw and will only be valid during one projection. Depending on your type you will throw away the shooter, you can bet on various possible options:

  • Craps:

     If you fall 2, 3 or 12 you win. This plant pays 8 to 1.

  • Severe

    : How easy to guess the bet wins when you throw seven. The bet pays 5 to 1.

  • Eleven

    : Only number 11 wins, and the payment for this establishment is 6: 1.

  • Acey Deucey

    : This term is called 3. If you throw this digit your withdrawal is 16 to 1.

  • Snake eyes (Asy) lub Boxcars

    : The eyes of the snake are a pair of two ones, and Boxcars is a pair of two six – so we bet on 2 or 12. They are very difficult to hit combinations, but the payment is up to 30 to 1 and is highest from all available.

  • Horn plant

    : Here you put on 2, 3, 11 or 12. Of course, they win one of these numbers will be thrown by the shooter. The win is 8 to 1 for 2, 3 and 12 and 16 to 1 for 11.

  • Hardways

    : You win if you managed to discard a hard number, i.e. a combination of two of the same numbers – for example 2 + 2 for 4, 3 + 3 for 6, 4 + 4 for 8 and 5 + 5 for 10. To win this bet any of these combinations It must appear before throwing seven.


This type of plant includes specific numbers: 


You win when the number you choose will be thrown before it is seven. The win is paid according to the table. For example, if you fall 4 or 10, your win is 9 to 5.

Field plant

An differently called a plant with fixed chances. You win if you throw any combination other than 

5, 6, 7 or 8.

Winnings are paid in relation 1 to 1, beyond two and 12, which give a 2: 1 payment. “Field” plants are only valid for one throw, the casino advantage is 2.78%.
craps online

Big 6 and Big 8 plants

According to the name, we bet that it will fall 6 or 8 before the seven is thrown. The casino advantage here is a large basis because it is 2.78%, and the win is paid only in a ratio of 1: 1, so it usually does not pay off to bet such bets.

2. See the strategy of bone games

Bones are a game that is based only on happiness, and the win or loser are fully random. In fact, there are no special strategies or game techniques, but only tips that know well to minimize losses and increase the chances of winning. First of all, if you just started the adventure with the bones, hold on the Pass Line plant. The casino advantage here is 1.41%, so it is a prudent decision to start. It is true that the Don’t Pass plant offers better chances, because the casino advantage is 1.36%, as we mentioned earlier, betting against other players is badly received. So you better bet Pass Line, than to expose yourself to a hostile attitude to other players for a small advantage that we can get. Secondly, try not to use Martingale, which you can come across the internet in search of bone tips. In this system, it is recommended to double the rate in the next plant, if the previous one was lost, so that finally the win would reward you all the losers. Is this an idea, but what if the win will not come long, and you get stuck in a series of losers? It’s easy to lose all funds in this way. We do not think so to say that this is a very risky tactic, and an attempt to make a loser rarely brings effect. In summary, the game is not quantum physician, and the most important are the knowledge of the principles, prudent budget planning and … practice and once more. As you get practicing without thinking, you will be able to juggle between different types of betting and draw great pleasure from the game!

3. Plan your budget and time

As planned for your budget and time to go to the cinema or theater, we should approach the management of casino funds. We recommend that you follow how much money and time you invest in the game and make sure that the casino entertainment does not affect your ability to fulfill other financial obligations. Do not bite high if you do not know the game rules well. Instead, take some time for free training in the demo version of the game and grinding knowledge of the rules. Use bonuses and promotions to save your own funds. A good way to control is also planning your financial and temporary limit on online games. Specify whether you want to play every day or only on the weekend, and then hold on. If you exceed your limit is a sign to take a break.

*Do you know that?

A live bone game from Evolution Gaming contains a special function “My numbers”, which greatly facilitates the game. This function helps to track the bets, informs which numbers have not been placed and also shows potential withdrawals.

Available variants of bone games

As the development and spread of games in different parts of the world, various variants appeared. Below are possible varieties that you can get in online casinos:

Bank Craps

This is a basic variant of the bone you will find in almost every online casino. It is played by one or several players, each of which puts against the casino (bank), not against each other.

Crapless Craps

In this variant, the Pass Line plant does not lose after rejection of Craps – 2.3 and 12. Finding this variety in online or stationary casinos is difficult because the casino advantage is significantly reduced.

High Point Craps

This variant has several interesting rules. The first time 2 and 3 are ignored, and the ejection 11 or 12 gives a winner in a 1: 1 ratio. Discarding any other number sets the point.

Die Rich Craps

In this variant of the bone, he plays only one bone. The point can only be one of 4 numbers in this game (2, 3, 4 or 5). If in the first throw 6, all Pass Line Zakłady won. However, if it falls out 1, all Pass Line bets are lost.

New York craps

This variety comes from New York and it is characterized by a fairly high casino advantage, amounting to 5%. In addition, it has a slightly different table layout and all players must play on fields number 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10

Low limit craps

This version refers to every online bone game in which you can bet a very low rate. This is the perfect solution if you are just starting a bone game and you want to get used to its rules or you have a low budget.

*Do you know that?

Another interesting variant of bone game, which was popular at the end of the twentieth century, is called Street Craps or Ghetto Craps. As the name suggests, this game was on the streets of the city and sidewalks without a dice table.

How to improve your game?

Choose the best online casino

Finding bone games at the online casino is not a difficult task. The stairs start when you ask yourself how to know that the casino chosen will meet your expectations? We have good news for you! On our site we have collected stacks of online casinos, where you can compare those that offer a wide range of bone games. In addition, you check what licenses they have and whether they offer the level of services you expect. Thanks to this, you do not have to risk bone games on a suspicious side that will not provide you with security and protection on which you deserve. Take advantage of our Casino ratings to find a page from:

  • The best choice of casino games – of course Craps
  • The most lucrative bonuses for new and existing players, with the most convenient conditions
  • The widest range of secure 

    Payment methods

  • The most effective customer service – choose brands with real people, not robots or algorithms responsible for your questions!

When you are already a customer of the best online casinos, your adventure with a fascinating bone game really starts …

Exercise game in bones for free

Practice makes a champion! We recommend before putting a bet for real cash, devote some time for training in the free game version (demo). Fortunately, many online casinos provide such an opportunity, and in this 

Casino Casino

, Betsson or Vulcan Vegas.. With this option you can feel into a bone game, get to know different betting options and practice different game strategies.

Play bones in a mobile casino

As in almost every other online casino game, yes and in the bone you can play on your mobile phone or tablet. Currently, the best way to try the bone game on mobile devices is a variant of live bone games: you can choose between 

Craps Live firmy Evolution


Craps live vivo gaming

which have been optimized for mobile devices. To get intuitive mobile impressions, we recommend playing bone in 

mobile casino

 With a dedicated application. 


 And Betsson is two such casinos with excellent applications.

The best online bone software providers

Below are a list of reputable online bone suppliers:

  • Microgaming

  • Evolution Gaming

    (Craps live)

  • Playtech

  • Betsoft

  • Real Time Gaming