Scratch cards (also known as scratch lotteries) are a popular form of gambling that is available in both traditional casinos and online. The player’s job is to erase the top layer and find cash prizes underneath. Instant scratchies appeared in the early 1970s, when scientist John Koza and marketing specialist Daniel Bauer worked together to develop a computer-based instant lottery for the Scientific Games Corporation (SGC). By 1987, the tickets took on the appearance of modern scratch-off lotteries – at the time, Astro-Med held the patent for them in the U.S. To play, you have to erase the top opaque layer and check if three or more of the same symbols or numbers are hidden underneath it. Over time, scratch cards have become increasingly diverse. They can focus on popular board games like Monopoly and sports like basketball, soccer and baseball. There are some pretty big winnings in scratch cards. In 2015, for example, a couple from the U.S. purchased a $30 scratch card lottery and won $10,000,000. However, it is worth remembering that this is the exception, and the prizes are usually only a few dollars. Best scratchies Australia will help you not only to relax, but also to earn a lot. Technology in the 21st century has made it possible to use scratch cards online. Players can now erase the top layer using the keyboard and mouse, or even remove it automatically – trusting this action to the computer, as in the automatic slots spins. Online scratch cards can be found on betting sites and at online casinos, where they are very popular because of their variety of themes and instant prizes.
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Think back to when you used to go to the lottery ticket store and buy cards with hidden squares that you had to erase to find out if you won any prize. How much joy you had when you won a few rubles. Games with hidden surprises in these days are very popular. The name of the game “scratch cards” comes from the English word “scratch”, which means “to scratch”. Previously, to make these lottery tickets, a protective layer was applied to the playing card, and the player had to scratch it off to see the result. At 7Sultans Casino, scratch cards are a very entertaining game with potential winnings. Create an account at 7Sultans – this process takes minutes – and start erasing the protective layer of the cards to see what kind of reward you will receive.

How to Play Scratch Cards for Money

Unlike most other casino games, scratch cards require absolutely no skill on your part: all you have to do is actually online scratchies that appears on your screen. You win something if the symbols that appear match the specified pictures. In the relevant section you can learn more about the instructions on how to play scratch cards and what bets you can place, but for now we’ll tell you the basic rules. You can only bet on one card at a time. You must use the card you choose before requesting another. You have to erase the hidden pieces to check how much you have won. At the end of the game you will get all your winnings.

Playing scratch cards online is easy

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Unlike paper cards, to play virtual scratch cards you don’t need to run to different places to buy them. You only need to find a reliable casino with an impeccable reputation. Choosing 7Sultans, you can register on our website with complete peace of mind. After all, our casino is licensed by the British eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Scratchies Australia are great to play on the go when you have some free time before or after work. Use your mobile device, phone or tablet to do so. Scratch cards first appeared in the mid-80s, and since then they have become very popular because of the great chances of instant winnings. The cards were originally made on a paper card with an environmentally harmful coating, which was later replaced with a more environmentally friendly coating. Microgaming, an international slots

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, created the first online versions in the mid-90s, thereby saving players from having to go to outlets selling such cards and fight for a piece of cardboard. Instead, you can scrape off the protective layer on the cards to find out your payout amount, right on your computer or mobile device at any time you like. Online scratchies for real money Australia can be played even through your phone.