Circle fortune you have not seen yet!

Dream Catcher from Evolution Gaming – game overview

First Fortune wheel type from Evolution Gaming
Live broadcast in HD quality
Perfect option for matching fans, roulette and bingo games
Many won opportunities and a surprising course of the game

Dream Catcher was created a year 2017 As the first casino game with the use of Fortuna wheel from Evolution Gaming. She quickly became a live casino hit – all thanks to the unique combination of casino and television show.

Dream Catcher – A Live Spin the Wheel Game -

Success also contributed that as for Evolution Gaming, Dream Catcher is refined in the smallest detail, and the transmission from recording studies in HD quality really impresses.

From this review you will learn, among others What is this game, where to play and how to play it to win. You also get to know BonusWhich hide on the Fortuna wheel fields.

Dream Catcher – Information

Game name:Dream Catcher
Supplier:Evolution Gaming
RTP:90,57% – 96,58%
Features:Circle fortune with 54 fields, 2 winnings winnings, simple rules, teleshow convention
Minimum bet:0.1-1 Euro (depending on the casino)
Maximum bet:1000/5000 Euro / Round (depending on the casino)
Maximum win:40 times the plant + additional bonuses, together to 500,000 euros

Which casinos offered for players from Australia offer Dream Catcher?

Many online casinos that you can find on our website offer a Dream Catcher game and pages of these casinos are translated into Australian and even Australian support department.

What’s more, these casinos have Licenses And they care about protecting data data, so you do not have to worry about your safety when playing your favorite games. Below you will find a list of several best casinos offering GRE Dream Catcher!

What is Dream Catcher?

Circle fortune many Poles are associated with popular show The same title, in which players turning the wheel lose the rate to win in a given round and bonuses that they could use the following letters on the board.

Ultimately, he wins who as the first guzzle hidden on the screen.

Well, Dream Catcher and “Circle Fortuny” connects only … Circle Fortuna! This live game, maintained in a television show convention, is one of the most interesting casino games proposals.

A player, sitting conveniently in front of a computer screen, a phone or tablet, can feel emotions almost identical to the participants of the show.

His task is to bet on what field will stop the wheel. The field values are very different and appear with different frequencies on the wheel (more about it later in the review) – the given number is more often found, the lower winning multiplier and vice versa.

During the game, just like on the quiz service, it can not miss jokes and leading jokes, as well as applause of audience, colorful lights and different shots from the camera – all that the player will feel even more as if he was in the very center of the TV program!

Because the game is broadcast live 24/7, we can hit various hosts – Once it will be a man, another woman. Everyone, however, are true bodies and they work well in their role!

How to play Dream Catcher?

Players do a dozen seconds before the start of the round.

They have to choose from 54 by the with values 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 i 40, and 2x and 7x multipliers. The more often a given number appears on the fields of the wheel, the smaller the winnings will be, the less frequently – of course, the higher.

And yes, if the player puts on a field of value 1 (which appears on the wheel as much as 23 times), he will receive a winnings equal 1:1. In turn, placing a field from “40” (which appears only on one of 54 fields), the win will constitute until 40:1.

He looks interesting round with multipliers. When the wheel stops on a multiplier 2x. or Reflection The round must be repeated (the wheel is restarted), and the player’s win, which correctly selected the field, is enlarged by a prior multiplier.

Dream Catcher – Withdrawals

Withdrawals in this game are not particularly complicated. The rules are clear as in other games from Evolution Gaming.

If you bet a bet on the field “5” on the fortune wheel and this field will be drawn, your bet will be enlarged 5 times. It is the same in other cases.

Detailed payments can be found in the table below:

Number on the wheelNumber of fields on the wheelPayment
2x.1The payout for the next winning number is multiplied 2x
Reflection1The payout for the next winning number is multiplied 7x

Interestingly, the multipliers of 2x and 7x will sum up. If, for example, the circle will stop on a multiplier 2x, in the second round again in the same field or multiplier 7x, and in the third in the field of 5, the winner of the player who selected this field will be multiplied X2 and X7.

It is worth noting that such a large span of the winnings (from 1 to 40) and field layout (23 fields with a value of 1 and 1 of 40) make it there is no one return indicator for the player – RTP varies from 90.78% to 96.35%

Number on the wheelreturn for the player

However, there are several strategies that can help in order for RTP to oscillate the border even above 96%.

Dream Catcher game strategy

Playing games based on a fortune wheel is not easily played without a specific strategy (although of course it is not impossible, it’s going to have fun).

So if, however, you would like to help happiness, it is worth taking advantage of one of the strategies developed by other players.

Taking into account such a large range of 54 Fortuna wheel fields and their arrangement, the best strategy to increase winnings would be able to make a small sum for all fields available on the wheel.

Such a solution, however, at a 23-fold appearance of value 1 would not be profitable.

So what strategy should you choose?


The first strategy used by players is to bet these fields that bring the highest profit. They will be a field 5, 10, 20 i 40. Together, these fields overlap 26% Wheel surface.

Hit one of 4 Numbers increases the chance to win, and additionally it can be even greater if we get on a field with a multiplier earlier.

The only downside of this strategy is that you can usually wait a bit – finally remains 74% Other winning fields.

If you do not care about a higher win, and on it to get it faster, you can always increase the wheel covering, for example, a field with a number 2.

Secure profit

This strategy for those who are afraid of risk, so they would like to win more often, but lower amounts.

Here, the proposal is only numbers 1 i 2. It gives you over 70% Covering wheel fields and thus makes the chance to hit much higher.

If you hit 1 You will gain as much as you bet, ” 2 – You double your bet. In the case of a multiplier Reflection you have a chance to win even his chance 14 times.

Something for High Roller: Everything or nothing

This is the most risky option. It consists in typing only fields with the highest multiplier – 20x i 40x.

This only gives 5,5% Wheel coverage, however, when you hit one of these fields, you will win a really big amount that can compensate for the initial loss.

Optimal strategy

At the same time, you have a chance for a pretty decent winnings while minimizing the risk of losing.

The most optimal Dream Catcher strategy is typing fields 1, 2 i 20. It gives 70% Coola coverage, and on the occasion of a chance for a big win.

Dream Catcher

Graphics and sound

Audiovisual sensations are extremely important, which they perfectly cause the game manufacturers. Although the game has a few years, Evolution Gaming has refined everything as usual perfectly.

Graphics and shots from several cameras in HD quality add a realistic effect, and the player has the impression that he really participates in casinos.

Sound effects are also characteristic of this type of games. You hear a rotating circle and leading, and the background music intensifies the tension!

An important element are also the lights that inform the player about what will happen in a moment – when should be placed when the plants are closed, etc.

Other television style shows

If you liked Dream Catcher, you will also appreciate other games referring to the television program. Below we looked closer to:

Monopoly Live

It is said that Monopoly Live He is the successor of the iconic Dream Catcher. The game was created in the Evolution Gaming and Hasbro partnership – a producer of a well-known board.

The rules of the game are similar – also the central point is the wheel of Fortuna, the broadcast is live from a dozen or so cameras, but … In Monopoly Live you will also find a nice older Lord!

Pan Monopoly (Mr. Monopoly) With a bit of luck – they will invite you to a joint journey in a bonus round after a three-dimensional game board, with cottages, hotels, bonuses and other fields known from childhood board.

Deal or no Deal?

Do you remember the competition in which the player’s choice has a dozen or so safes with different amounts? Here the player has to choose from 16 suitcasesIn which money is hidden.

During the game, it can negotiate with the guide, sell them for specific money or bet on their value. This is a game that provides plenty of impressions and thrill of emotions!

Crazy Time

This is one of the latest proposals from Evolution Gaming with a fortune wheel in the main role. Players also like on which the circle will stop, the rules are therefore very similar to Dream Catcher or Monopoly Live.

What distinguishes it is a number of attractive bonuses, unprecedented with their predecessors. How do producers provide – you just have to try them all to get it!

Mega Ball

I guess everyone at least once in life released a totolot with hope for the hit of happy numbers and winning astronomical win. Exactly the same emotions are accompanied by another game from Evolution Gaming – Mega Ball.

Players bet out the winning numbers, in the studio takes place and … with a little happiness – a great win!

Are you wondering why create a game that has its equivalent in reality? Even if thanks to Mega Ball players do not have to wait for a specific day of the week for transmission from studies and draw – they can always win, everywhere and any time!


Dream Catcher transfers a casino player to a completely different dimension – thanks to a live game and a television show of entertainment show, he experiences emotions that are not available in standard casino games.

The game itself is based on a banal principle – can there be something complicated in betting the fortune’s draw?

Meanwhile, thanks to the precision and experience Evolution Gaming in the creation of live casino games, HD quality, well-chosen to the Convention of Croupier-hosts program, the player has the impression that all this show is prepared especially for him!

We invite you to try Dream Catcher or other Casino games live, in one of us recommended casinos that you find on our website!

Dream Catcher