Try happiness in a shock version of Roulette!
Quite recently, Evolution Gaming proposed a new version of Live Roulette, introducing the original, captivating and stunning Lightning Roulette to the market!

Lightning Roulette to wersja Roulette Which casino adds some interesting functions to the classic roulette, which we know and found that this game deserves special attention.

We were not mistaken. A few months after writing this review, Lightning Roulette was later named the product innovation of the year in Global Gaming Awards in Las Vegas 2018!

Lightning Roulette Rules and functions

Lightning Roulette You can consider as an improved version of the European Roulette. The difference is that the croupier in Lightning Roulette does not turn on a wheel, just like in the original version of Roulette.

Instead of this The wheel turns automatically After starting the game. Players can bet on individual numbers, groups of numbers or colors. After completing the auction, the number of numbers will be struck, and from 1 to 5 “happy numbers” It’s randomly.

If you win a bet on these numbers, Lightning Roulette will not pay ordinary 35: 1; but instead, it is used to win multiplierwho can be from 50x do 500x!

For this reason, the payout granted by Lightning Roulette differ from other roulette variants:

  • STARIGHT-UP / SINGLE NUMBERS: From 29: 1 to 499: 1 (depending on the applied one Multiplier)
  • Split / two numbers: 17: 1,
  • Street bets / Three numbers:11: 1
  • Corner plants: 8: 1
  • Betting on the line: 5: 1

Lightning Roulette krupierzy

Burpers in Lightning Roulette are friendly, talking and very funny, even though not everyone speaks Australian. As always, Evolution Gaming It makes sure that their staff is professional and well-trained to supervise this exciting game!

You can also talk to dealers through an integrated window live chatAnd they willingly answer all your questions.

Where to play in Lightning Roulette

You can now play Lightning Roulette in one of the casinos below, searching for this game in the category Live Casino. These casinos are also famous for conducting special promotions in a live casino, so from time to time also visit their websites with promotions so that no special offer passed you near the nose!

Alternatively, you can check regularly Our offer section, where we will notify you about current live casino offers.

Lightning Roulette Interface and Appearance

Lightning Roulette looks strikingly differently than other Live Roulette variants. The studio configuration reminded us to television programs, such as The wheel of fortuneAnd the dealer in this game has a role similar to the presenter.

are Black, red and green panels decorated with gold A frame, and the most popular numbers begin to shake so that players can see what others bet on.

After turning the wheel, the Croupier trains the lever that causes that Lightning hits panels, Choosing happy numbers. The transmission is at the highest level, like any other evolution live game, and the interface is user-friendly and attractive.

❋ for those who have not heard about the interface, we explain that this is a way to communicate a man with a computer.

Lightning Roulette Minimum rate, RTP and frequency of strokes

You can play Lightning Roulette, putting just €2 For turnover. RTP it is set to 97,3%, But it’s worth noting that plants proste/straight-up they have a reduced payment 29: 1, When the lightning multipliers are not used to win.

The players’ experience shows that you can expect that you will benefit from multipliers in a fairly decent intervals of time, which will certainly benefit your bankroll.

It seems, however, that Maximum X500 multiplier It is quite difficult to get. In the case of lightning numbers, obtaining a multiplier x2 or x3 It is a standard and possession 5 happy numbers It is very rare.

Lightning Roulette – OUR OPINION

Lightning Roulette can be an ideal solution for those who want to win big money, taking into account 500-fold multiplierWhich you will not find in any other roulette variant.

However, a number of spins should be expected without the use of a multiplier, and if lower payments in the case of simple plants are taken into account without a multiplier, what you receive after a few rounds, it does not differ so much from the standard roulette.

Nevertheless, the excellent EVOLUTION GAMING dealers, attractive studio and stunning visual and sound effects, Which one experiences while playing Lightning Roulette, they provide a very entertaining time, and if you are lucky, we certainly recommend trying this game.

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