Experience your childhood once again and get big winnings from Monopoly Live!

Evolution Gaming job in partnership with Hasbro. Traditional board in a completely new version live, combining a fortune circle, roulette and a game machine. A bonus 3D round awaits you and many of the possibilities of winning! Read the reviewing this review and find out more!

Monopoly is a cult community from Hasbro, which is almost everyone.

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Whoever of us did not throw his bones at least once, did not buy land on which he later built cottages and hotels, did not stress himself pulling the risk card?

And although many of its electronic varieties have already been established so far, Hasbro partnership Evolution Lofty monopoly to a completely different level.

First of all, this is a real mode game, during which the player has a circle of fortune with tens of options, the ability to bet on roulette, and numerous Bonus Additional, such as 3D round.

This is an interesting alternative to traditional casino games, so it is strange that more and more operators are introducing it to their offer.

Monopoly Live – Information

Game name: Monopoly Live
Supplier: Evolution Gaming
RTP: 96,23%
Features: Fortune circle with 54 fields, 3D bonus round on monopoly board, live live 24/7
Minimum bet: 0.1-1 Euro (depending on the casino)
Maximum bet: 100-500 Euro / Round (depending on the casino)
Maximum win: 10 times the bet + all bonus winnings (winnings may occur one after the other)

Where do you play in Monopoly Live in Australia?

Many Casino you’ll find on our website It offers Monopoly Live, and some pages are translated into Australian and even have a Australian support department.

As for the game itself, it is available in a version with an English-speaking leading.

Check out a few of the following online casinos that offer a Live Monopoly and attractive Bonus in Live casino!

What is Monopoly Live?

If you are looking for a game that would connect the traditional board with bones, roulette, Fortuny wheel i online vending machineAnd to this in the Teleshow Convention, this is the monopoly Live.

This is a unique casino game with a host who, in real time, live, spins the fortune wheel, and players bet on which will be drawn.

Right next to it Pan Monopoly, Ready to share if the wheel shows the right field.

Everything is carried out in the convention of the TV program, thanks to which the player feels like a participant of a big show.

Through the interactivity of the game, the creators allow you to feel the players not only adrenaline from betting fields on the wheel, but also the mass of additional emotions – excitement, joy from winning, and even light nervous as in a real television show.

Typing of the Fortuna wheel result can end Multiplier of the plant (1, 2, 5, and 10), card (as in the classic, board version of monopoly), as well as on the field drawing “2 rolls” or “4 rolls”.

These two fields activate a bonus round in mode Here – It takes place on a three-dimensional monopoly board, which, thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies, gives not only attractive winnings, but also a completely new experience from the game.

How to play Monopoly Live?

Players like the result that will fall on a fortune wheel running by the dealer. There are boxes to choose from 1, 2, 5, 10, 2 rollers, 4 rollers.

If, for example, the player selects the number 5 And the wheel stops in this field, it means that he will receive a win in height 5 times bet.

It will be the same for fields 1, 2 i 10.

If the wheel stops on 2 rolls or 4 rollsTo which the player put a bet, he will be redirected to a three-dimensional bonus round.

Players who properly selected the result, along with Mr. Monopoly, move into the world of extended 3D reality and move on the game board, collecting further bonuses along the way.

It looks like a real gameplay in Monopoly – a throw and moving around the fields according to well-known principles.

At the same time, other players who did not set the winning fields also observe a bonus game, but they do not gain any bonus during its duration.

They can only admire it as … Viewers of a television show.

Infographic in the bonus round virtually nothing differs from the classic version of Monopoly – you will find here such fields Start, Chance i RISK, PRISON, a nawet TAX.

There were also houses and hotels on it.

Currently, the monopoly boards in the bonus round is not yet available in Australian – players have a choice of an English, German and Italian version.

On the Fortuny, there is one more symbol about which it is worth mentioning. Speech of course about the field “Opportunity”.

It is a field whose players can not choose, but when the fortune is already stopping on it, everyone will benefit from this.

After hitting “the opportunity”, Mr. Monopoly enters the game, which on behalf of the player is a chance card.

Depending on what he draws, players will receive or a monetary prize, or a random bonus of the multiplier.

Monopoly Live – Payments

Withdrawals in this game are not particularly complicated. The rules are clear as in other games from Evolution Gaming.

If you bet on the “5” field on the Fortune Circle and this field will be drawn, your bet will be enlarged 5 times.

It is the same in other cases. To not make a mistake when typing, each field has been marked with a different color.

Strategia Monopoly Live

Monopoly Live is one of those games in which without a good strategy, the player will not get far.

It is worth getting to know her before joining the game, especially since the manufacturer does not offer the Demo Live demo version, so you can play only by investing your own money.

On the wheel, we have a choice of several fields for betting, including the multipliers of the plant and fields that transfer the player to the bonus game.

As in any game, so and here the principle that the higher multiplier or a possible bonus, the less often goes to the wheel.

Therefore, some players peel the tactic, which consists in betting both a low multiplier and the higher, which at best give a high win, and in a worse – minimizes a loss.

A good tactic is also a conservative game, i.e. at low stakes, but with betting all possible fields (Monopoly Live gives such a possibility).

Then the player has a guarantee that he will always go on something and although it will not be spectacular winnings (at low stakes it is difficult for such), but there is a chance that successively capital will increase.

Regardless of which option you choose, in both cases it is worth betting on the “2” and “Rolls 4” fields, which give a chance not only for great entertainment, but also considerable win.

Graphics and sound

Audiovisual sensations are extremely important, which they perfectly cause the game manufacturers.

Everything is refined here in the smallest detail.

The graphic is perfectly perfect – thanks to her, the player has the impression that he really participates in a television show, and the three-dimensional bonus round is not only an opportunity to get attractive bonuses, but also in itself an extremely attractive spectacle.

It is worth reminding that this is a live game. In the studio there are a dozen cameras that transmit an image in HD quality.

Thanks to frequent changes, the impression of participating in a television show is really ubiquitous, and close to the central point, which is the wheel of Fortuna make it not talk about a mistake about the leading.

When it comes to the host host (which is at the same time the dealer), it behaves like a leading entertainment program – welcomes guests, supports a circle, and additionally often allows innocent jokes to loosen the atmosphere.

Sound effects are therefore characteristic for this type of programs – we hear a rotating circle, there is a music intensifying tension, hearing the leading and even applause from the audience.

All this really impresses – in the end, whoever would not like us, sitting comfortably at home, feel like a guest of a television program (which in addition can not be seen, so he can relax in the tracksuit)?

monopoly casino

Other television style shows

If you liked the Live Monopoly game, you will also appreciate other games referring to the TV and Teleshow program.

Dream Catcher

Fans Monopoly Live and other production Evolution Gaming certainly know the iconic game of the same producer – Live Dream Catcher.

It is said that she was a Monopoly Live prototype. And when you think about it, it’s a bit right.

Live Dream Catcher is also a live game transmitted from a television studio.

The main theme is … nothing else, like a fortune circle! On it you have fields with different numbers and two with multipliers.

The rules of the game are identical as in Monopoly Live, with the difference that here the numbers on the wheel do not correspond to the winning multiplier.

Those who appear on the wheel often have a lower multiplier, and those that rarely higher.

The atmosphere of the television show and the possibility of large winnings really arouse emotions!

Crazy Time

Crazy Time This is another proposition from Evolution Gaming in a climate of teleshow with a fortune wheel in the main role.

Players also like on which the wheel will stop, and to win outside the basic prize have a number of attractive bonuses.

As they provide producers – you just have to try them all to get to know the rules of this game.

Deal or no Deal?

Certainly, you associate a radio competition in which the player has a dozen or so safes with various amounts.

There are 16 suitcases here (as in the popular American teleshow with the same name as the game).

During the game, it can negotiate with the leading, sell them for specific money, or bet on their value.

You can close up …

Mega Ball

I guess everyone at least once in life released a totolot with hope for the hit of happy numbers and winning astronomical win.

Exactly the same emotions are accompanied by another game from Evolution Gaming – Mega Ball.

Players bet out the winning numbers, in the studio takes place and … with a bit of luck Wielka Win!

Are you wondering why create a game that has its equivalent in reality?

Even if thanks to Mega Ball players do not have to wait for a specific day of the week for transmission from studies and draw – they can always win and any time!


Monopoly Live combines all the features that casino players expect.

It gives a chance to win high winnings, awakens amazing emotions, surprises (a 3D bonus round and other attractions), and it is in such an excavine as for the casino, a television show, thanks to which it provides exceptional entertainment.

If you want to feel the emotions he feels a player in front of the TV camera during the tournament, be sure to visit a favorite casino site and play Monopoly Live!

Monopoly Live