Casino fraud on the web

Familiarize yourself with our guide for freshly baked virtual players of the Casino World and find out what you should be careful when you choose a casino online.

False online casino

Are you interested in the world of online casinos, but you do not know how to choose those in which you will safely place your funds?

Do you like to win, but do you want to make sure that the whole win will go to your account?

For the novice in the field of online casinos, the choice of this reliable is very important.

Unfortunately, with such a number of fraud with which we are dealing with today, a beginner player may have problems distinguishing trusted from a false casino.

This can seem not to pass, especially with such a huge number of companies.

Therefore, we always recommend to check the online casino, not only in terms of legality but also the solvency of winnings.

First of all, before you register in your online casino chosen by you and you pay the first deposit, check who you intend to entrust your money.

Too often, players are aware that they have been involved in a bottle only when making a payment.

Do not be one of them! Sents associated with the payment of winnings usually consist in slowing down the entire process.

The player is often asked for multiple transmission of documents confirming identity.

Referred to one chart to another in a multi-week and even a multi-monthly expectation for the payment of its funds and drawn alleged mistakes of the bank account number.

Such scenarios can exist.

It is very important to familiarize yourself with Casino conditions So the so-called Terms & Conditions.

Remember to carefully read all the rules and conditions before joining the selected casino!

By registering, you must accept them, and when you do, you will no longer turn back.

How to make sure you do not have to deal with a cheater?

Each casino must be licensed in institutions supervising gambling games.

Although the license possession is not guaranteed by its 100% reliability, it is also necessary to be careful not to become a victim of fraud.

Most renowned companies are regularly audited.

Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a casino checked by a renowned testing company, such as Ecogra.

Also check the pages such as to make sure that the casino chosen by you is not associated with any scandal.

If you can find a casino that has been operating for 5 years and is not related to any complaints or scandals, then you can be sure that you are dealing with a responsible and authentic casino.

The casino assumed by cheats will not want to reveal who owners.

It is also doubtful that you can find your address or phone number on their pages.

To defall the risk of being cheated, we suggest using proven casinos, with many years of experience, which are all a lot on the market.

false online casino

What to look for?

One of the first and easier to identify the trailers of the false casino will be his logo.

Watch out for an unprofessional or obsolete logo, because often scammers do not shine when it comes to a graphic page.

You should also pay attention to the deposit options.

If the deposit options appears category Paypal, This is a very good sign.

PayPal is very selective in relation to companies with whom you decide to do business and are usually only the largest and most famous, and also the most trusted company.

The reason for anxiety can occur when you do not have any deposit options.

If the casino accepts, for example, only Bitcoin, it would be a closer look at him.

When you assume an online casino account, you will be asked to provide the following information: phone number, address, date of birth and real name and name, which is completely understandable, and providing the above information is as secure.

If the casino, however, asks: Maiden mother’s name, document number or other official identification numbers, it can be stated that some limits and such casinos are best to avoid a wide arc.

What to do when you were cheated?

If you missed your happiness and you have been digested in casino fraud, it’s best to look for a professional help of a lawyer.

You will find many gambling, portals and communities offering your services.

You can also submit an official complaint by sending an email or calling gambling organizations such as: Malta Gaming Authority, or Gibraltar Licensing Authority, which will check the casino that are troubles.

Remember also to never give up, because many cheating companies just counts.

Sometimes it is enough to show determination to recover what belongs to you.

Which casino are trustworthy?

So, you already know what to consider starting the adventure with online gambling, but you probably wonder what cases you can trust one hundred percent.

With a clear conscience, we can recommend you all casinos to which links can be found in the section Review of Casino online On our portal.

On them, you will not be disappointed on them!

How to detect a false online casino