What is the gambling responsible?

The responsible game is a wide concept that includes several rules that apply to gambling to make sure that the casino ensure safe impression from the game, and protect people from potential negative gambling consequences on the web.

Remember that Gambling should only be treated as a form of entertainment, not a way to earn money. While most of us have no problems with treatment Casino games Only as recreation, for some it can be much more difficult.

Both online gambling platforms and  They are required to comply with the principles of responsible gambling. In addition, the suppliers of casino software must support internet operators in meeting technical and legal requirements. Below you will find 7 types of responsible games areas Related directly to the online gambling industry:

  • Preventing gambling of minors
  • Protection of sensitive players
  • Ethical and responsible marketing
  • Privacy of information
  • Security measures against criminal activity
  • Protection of online payments
  • Safe internet environment

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Do you have a potential gambling problem?

Problemy gambling is something that meets many people nowadays. You will not even be able to turn it Your gambling can change from harmless fun very quickly, for unhealthy obsession which can lead to real problems. Regardless of whether you play in Vending machines, poker, amicureOr betting a sport – the problem with gambling can spoil your personal relationships, cause problems at work, or lead to bankruptcy. Below you will find a series of important questions that you should ask if you think you have a gambling problem:

  • Is it difficult to stop playing after getting a greater loss?
  • Is the gambling causing financial problems for you, or your family?
  • Do you think you can have a gambling problem?
  • Does gambling have a negative impact on your personal relationships, work or studies?
  • Is the gambling causing any health problems, including stress or anxiety?
  • Do you become nervous when you do not get gambling?
  • Do you have to play bigger amounts to get the same feeling of excitement?
  • Do you feel guilty because of the amount of money that you spend on gambling?

Helping someone with addiction to gambling

Most people can enjoy gambling without becoming a problem, but some people add to gambling, which can have a negative impact on their lives. The desire to practice gambling can be overwhelming, leading to theft, lies and issuing all savings. There are a few characters that indicate when the usual pleasure of gambling turns into a problem. The sooner the gambling problem will be detected, the greater the chances of successful cure. Although compulsive gambling is difficult to overcome, many people are able to deal with disease with professional help, and support from family and friends.

Required age for gambling and juvenile protection

Allowed Age to be able to legally play on a ground casino, or internet on the territory of Australia 18 years. When it comes to ground casinos, some may require completion of at least 21 or 23 years, To be able to use a casino. With regard to online casinos, the required age will not be different and you must have completed at least 18 years, To be able to legally play online casino.

Most online casino operators take all precautions to never promote ads that could attract people below 18 years of age. Despite all efforts imposed by operators of gambling sites, remember that Internet access is easy for children And only in cooperation with parents you can learn minors about threats associated with access to illegal websites. To help you prevent your child from accessing such sites, we have prepared some important points that you should consider:

  • Always “log out” Immediately after the game session.
  • Do not use autocomplete login data.
  • Store User names and password In addition to the reach of children.
  • Make sure that Your credit card data is secure and confidential
  • Do not play in gambling sites in the presence of children.
  • Do not allow your children to spend their free time on the internet.
  • Find out more about Tools available for parents on your devices.
  • Tell your child about Threats related to access to illegal sites, In particular, online gambling.

As we mentioned above, you can use various tools that can help you control your child’s activity on the Internet. Below we described them a little more in detail:

Net Nanny

Application Net Nanny It offers a variety of parental control software features that help protect your children. Parental control software provides insight into the activity of children on the Internet to help parents understand their digital customs and provide them with safety when serving on the network. With the Net Nanny® application, you can monitor digital habits your family and protect it from harmful content using the most trusted tool available for parents.


Application CYBERsitter First of all, it allows parents to control blocked sites, adding their own locking sites and specifying acceptable internet access times. And thanks to Cybersitter, parents can lead a detailed journal of all activities of their children on the Internet.

Supporting tools responsible gambling

All gambling sites offer tools to help players control the amount of time and money, which seem casino games. The following described in detail all options available for players.

Deposit Limit

If you feel that you lose control over the amount of money you pay for your player account, you can always Set the payment limit. Decide how much money you can spend on gambling a day, weekly, or monthly. Then set the limit that will not exceed your budget. In this way, you can have greater control over gambling and avoid financial problems in the future.

Limit strat

Limit loss is practically the same as limit of payments, but You specify the maximum amount of money that you can lose, Instead of applying a deposit limit. This is a great option for all who have problems with the end of the game, after they failed to win. Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s very hard to come to terms with the losing money and players often try to regain lost money, which is not a good idea. Applying a limit for losses will give you time to cool and return to the game the next day.

Session time limit

Another limit of which you can put on your account at the casino is Session time limit. This limit will definitely be useful to all players who feel that they spend too much time in casinos online. Sometimes it is very easy to lose a sense of time while enjoying your favorite games, so it is very important to control the time devoted to the game.

Break time (Time Out)

Break time (from time out) is a function available in online casinos, from which you can use, If you still want to play, but for a moment you want to take a break for some time. This is a very good option if you feel that you have recently spend too much time and money on the game. During the break you can lock yourself the opportunity to play for a specified time.

Online casinos usually offer this function through the following periods:

  • 24 hours
  • one week
  • one month
  • Any period of which the customer will ask – up to six weeks.

Better Limit

Another option offered by some online casinos is the Betting Limit. This means that You can put a round limit, or spin which will not be able to exceed a certain amount. For example, you can apply the bets limit of no more than AUD 20.


Self-disclosure means Responding a gambling operator to exclude you from gambling on their site for a specified period of time, Usually from six to twelve months, but for online gambling it can take up to five years.


The self-esteem in gambling is known as the gambling problem indicator (PGSI). PGSI is a reliable and standardized measure of risky behaviors in gambling. Self-esteem is based on testing on typical symptoms and consequences of problematic gambling. Typically, the self-esteem test contains a series of questions about gambling. Most people who have a hardy problem will answer 6 or more of these questions. Here are some examples of self-assessment questions:

  • Have you ever borrowed money to finance your gambling?
  • Have you ever lost time to work or learn because of gambling?
  • Has gambling ever made your homework unhappy?
  • Has the gambling influenced your reputation?
  • Have you ever fanted remorse after playing?
  • Have you ever practiced gambling to get money to repay debts, or otherwise solve your financial problems?
  • Whether gambling caused a drop in your ambition or performance?
  • Have you felt that you have to come back as soon as possible and make up your losses?
  • Have you had a strong need to return and win more after winning?
  • Did you often get gambling until you lost the last zloty?

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Organizations that can help and advise

We know that gambling can cause problems for some people and their families. Is the gambling causing a problem with you or other around you? Below we described several organizations that can help with problematic gambling.

Gambling Therapy

Gambling Therapy It offers many different online services for problematic players and their friends and families. Their site is available in many languages, including in Australian.

The team of advisers-experts of the Gambling Therapy organization is available to talk to you “real-time” on a live advice. This hotline is intended for people who are worried about their own or other people gambling.

The Gambling Therapy team can respond to questions, provide information or grant a very needed emotional support in difficult times. If this is your first visit on their site, the hotline can be a good place to start!

You can the Gambling Therapy organization through live chat on their site, or email. You also have options to join forum, or one of the support groups. Remember that the Gambling Therapy website is also available in Australian.

Ownerimi haaziśki

Organization Anonymous gamblers This is a community of men and women who share their experiences, hope and strength that they can solve their problem with gambling. To participate in the group of anonymous gamblers, you only need to have a desire to stop gambling. Anonymous gamblers do not charge any participation fees. This group remains from its own voluntary donations. The most important goal of this group is to discontinue gambling and help another addiction gambler in the fight against this problem.

  • Need help CALL:
  • All inquiries and requests for help please send this address: [email protected]


Gamcare is an independent charity and a leading information provider, advice and support for all people affected by problem gambling throughout Great Britain. Gamcare offers a wide range of free, flexible and confidential support for people affected by gambling problems, as well as a number of training and information programs in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

You can the Gamcare organization by calling free Phone number – 08088020133. You also have options with support department through live chat on Gamcare.


GambleAware This independent organization has a contract with the gambling committee, in order to implement the national reduction strategy for gambling damage, in the context of arrangements based on voluntary gambling donations. This company is directed by a completely independent group of experts, most of which works in the health sector.

If you are looking for help, tips or support in connection with gambling, visit page: BeGambleAware.org Or National Gambling Helpline under number 0808 8020133.


Betfillter is a software for blocking websites. The Betfilter world has been specially designed to stop playing and deal with problem gambling. Betfilter was tested on people with real gambling problems, and this software was created in close cooperation with Center for Ludomini in Denmark.

Betfilter contains the following functions:

  • Simple and easy installation – Installation Betfilter will only take a few minutes and everyone can install it without any problems.
  • Only adequate blocking – Betfillter will only block and stop websites and gambling applications.
  • 100% discretion – After installation, Betfilter will not disturb you annoying messages or similar alerts. You can use your computer in every situation at work, and even share it with others!
  • Betfillter is a good option for all who can not deal with problem gambling. It is easier to control your gambling when you do not have access to online casino games.

If you, or someone from your friends or family has a gambling problem, you can one of the organizations we exchanged above. Tried experts will be ready to give you support, and advice on how to deal with problem gambling.

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