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Do you like to try a new game and you value free spins? Are you a person who loves Vending machines? If the answer to these questions is Yes, we can not wait to tell you about the new offer in Casino Nitroin which the incredible pool of cash prizes is for graining!

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Every month a new game may turn out to be your favorite! WITH 1 day free rotationyou are one click from a massive prize pool at the level AUD 4,000,000! This offer is available to all Casino Nitro players who have made a deposit in the last three months.

How it’s working?

To participate in this promotion, follow these steps:

  • Play your daily Free rotation – Go to the game of the Nitro casino and screw on the drums. If you have not had a chance to join this casino, you can do it now by clicking on one of the links that are on this page. Remember that as a new player you can also pick up juicy bonus welcome!
  • Enjoy the machine and cut yourself on the leader table – What bigger wines in the game, the more chances of winning one of the prize pool!
  • Win a cash prize – Get part of the daily prize pool, if you add your happiness!


1st placeAUD 3,200
2nd placeAUD 2,800
3rdAUD 2,400
4.8AUD 2,000
5.AUD 1,600

Promotion rules

  • To receive a daily free spin, the player had to make a deposit in the Nitro casino in the last 3 months.
  • The required rotation of winning prizes is x21.
  • Required turning winnings in 1 free takeawayi x21.
  • Reference requirement should be met within 21 days.
  • The maximum payment amount from the prizes is AUD 20,000.
  • Winning prizes will be awarded at the latest at the hour 13:00 CET The next day on weekdays and next Monday after the weekend.
  • The campaign begins June 25 2020 year and will take revenge.
Free rotation with a pool of 4,000,000 AUD each day!