Safety always in the first place!

Astropay is a prepaid card thanks to which you can make transactions on the Internet. The use of it is characterized by a high degree of security, as you do not have to provide your bank’s data or a payment card number to third parties, e.g. in the online casino.Such igaming services, if checked and recognized among gambling fans, apply very much importance to the safety of users.They manage to achieve this Thanks to KYC procedures (customer identity verification process) * and RODO (Data Protection Regulation) *.

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In this article, of course, we only write about proven, licensed and secure Astropay casinos.

Astropay looks at a very secure payment method!

We do not have to share sensitive data as information about our bank or payment card, which certainly raises comfort and reduces the potential risk of our transactions.

Rating – 5/5

*Do you know that…?
Astropay was founded in 2009. The fact that the company so-time remained on the market and unflagging interest in which it proves that this payment method is checked and safe. Source.


How to use Astropay Card in online casinos?

In this part of the article, we will look at the steps to be performed to use the Astropay card on the service with gambling games.

Choose one of the online casinos that accepts Astropay and to the work!

Are there any additional costs for using the Astropay Casino Astropay Method?

In the proven and best casinos Astropay which we tested, the use of this method did not connect with any additional fees.

How to make a deposit and pay out the winning using the Astropay card?

How to submit a deposit:

  • Go to the deposit section.
  • Please note that when laying the deposit you want to use Astropay.
  • Choose how much money you want to pay.
  • Enter information such as your Astropay card number and expiry date.

How to withdraw the winnings:

  • Go to the Section with withdrawals.
  • Select “Astropay” as a method of payment.
  • Click “Confirm”.
  • The measures paid to your Astropay account, and the operator will release you another card to take up a sum of equal payment.

Using Astropay in online casinos is very safe and comfortable. Unfortunately, this is not yet a method that is on the list of the most popular payment operators and therefore not all gambling services are on offer.

In addition, in most sites you can not use it when paying, which would undoubtedly be a big .

Rating: 4.5 / 5

*Do you know that…?
Sometimes the use of Astropay is subject to additional requirements. For example, you can withdraw money using the card only if the deposit only has made in the same way or only payments are possible, but not withdrawals. Source.

Solutions to frequent problems with the use of Astropay in online casinos

If you want to learn how to solve the most common problems using the Astropay card, read the text below!

  1. I can not pay wins.

Check if you have definitely met the requirements of the promotion regulations and have made the right number of revolutions with bonus or whether the casino allows you to pay with Astropay. If you still have a problem with payment, customer service. I can not remove astropay card from my account.

Check the account panel exactly. There should be an option to delete a given payment method from the list

2. I can not verify the Astropay card.

To verify the Astropay card, you have to enter your number without a spacing and choose the right country.

If you have not received the verification code, ask for sending it again. In case it does not work either, customer service. *

3. I can not change the details of my card.

To change the information on the card in the Astropay application in “Profile”. You can change such data as name, name, date of birth or address.

*Do you know that…?
To unlock the account, you need to send two things to Astropay. They are an identity document and a document with your address, for example a phone bill. Source.

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Pros and cons Using Astropay Cards In Online Casins

Below we have prepared a transparent table with the advantages and disadvantages of the Astropay card!

Using Astropay is extremely secureNot all casinos are accepted.
You can pay money without delayIn most casinos, you can not withdraw money using this method.
Supports many currencies
You have greater control over a budget for gambling

Astropay vs. Other payment methods

For greater clarity, we have prepared a table in which we compare Astropay with other payment methods.

No need to provide confidential data
Method available on most casinos online
Supports many currencies
Quick transfer

Astropay looks very good compared to other payment methods, but the downside is the fact that it is still not accepted in all online casinos.

Rating – 4.5 / 5

*Do you know that…?
Astropay also offers online Wallet One Touch. It was created to further facilitate users online transactions. Source.


Astropay card is certainly a very secure payment form. It is ideal for people who feel uncomfortable by providing confidential information related to their bank account on the Internet. However, this method is still not too widespread and not every online casino accepts it.

Rating: 4.5 / 5