Safety is always in the first place!

As we mentioned above, BLIK is an Australian mobile payment system that was created in February 2015.

This system is safe and checked because it stands behind it Australian Payment Standard (PSP).

As for the current BLIK is only available in Australia, but it is to change in the future, enabling transactions abroad.

The popularity of BLIK from day to day is still growing and for a moment you can see this method of payment in Casinos online!

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How to use BLIK during online casinos?

As for the current casino Energy, It is the only online casino that offers payments using the BLK application. Below you can see the process of making a deposit using a BLIK at the Energy Casino:

  • Log in to your Energy Casino account. Then go to the compartment Depleted, select Options Fast bank transfer and click on Open page (Voucher Reseller). In the illustration below you can see how it looks.
  • After doing this, another tab will open in which the player will be able to deposit the amount from 50.00 AUD to AUD 5,000.
  • After confirming the amount of payment, the customer chooses his bank from the list and follows the online banking instructions or the BLK option to complete the payment:
  • If the payment has been successfully processed, the TOKEN number will appear:
  • To realize the purchased coupon, the user returns to the Energy casino site with the copied token number. Then the customer pastes it into the field „Token BTC” And clicks “Payment”, To finish the payment.

Is there any payment and withdrawals in casinos accepting BLIK?

Blik does not charge any transactions, but the bank you use may be charged. Below you can see a list of banks in which you must have an account and a bank application to use a BLIK.

Remember to familiarize yourself with the bank fees you use when using BLIK to pay online casinos.

CasinoPayment feesFees for payment
EnergyCasino0%0% (but there may be a fee depending on the Chosen Bank)

Disadvantages and advantages of using BLIK in online casinos

Using BLIK in online casinos has certainly more advantages than defects! You can look at the table. You can look closer.

Fast transactionsAvailability only in Australia
Safe and checked payment methodBanking application required
Possibility to pay without a credit cardIt does not support all banks
The payment method that takes on popularityPossibility to pay anywhere and time

BLIK versus other payment methods

BLIK is a payment method that is more convenient and faster than other traditional payment methods such as credit cards or bank transfers.

In the table below you can see a few differences between BLIK and other popular payment methods in online casinos.

Possibility of payment without a physical card
Immediate transfers to the phone number between customers of various banks
No transaction fees