Clarna is a Swedish company with Australian roots offering financial services. This is one of the best started start-ups of this type in Europe.

The Bank’s goal is to offer clients a wide range of services including safe and convenient payments.

Starting Remember about your safety!

Clarna is a solid and dynamically developing company offering high quality services.

Clarna Bank has been on the market for 15 years and enjoys the trust of many well-known companies, and German also took over Right away.

The Clarna Pay app allows you to safely make online fees, as well as their postponing and installment.

In addition, the clarna uses authentication procedures aimed at protecting customer data as well as the authorization process ensuring a smooth transaction

What is important from the player’s point of view, Clarna works only with licensed casinos.

Do you know that…?

Wśród marek, które zaufały Klarna pay znajdują się takie międzynarodowe koncerny jak Nike, Adidas, H& M, a nawet Spotify i Skype! [Source]

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How to use Clarna Pay to pay online casino?

Clarna Pay is a convenient and easy Method of payment in online casinos. Applying it gives full anonymity, which is definitely a big advantage.

The transfer of the transfer is very easy thanks to the user-friendly website and application.

Will some additional fees will be charged in the casino with a clarina?

One of the biggest advantages of Clarna’s payments is that no additional fees are charged.

The service allows you to quickly and convenient money transfer from the bank to the casino without fear of security. Just create an account on the Clarna side and easily make payments.

Below is a list of the most popular Australian online casinos that currently accept payments using the Clarna service:

How to make a deposit and pay a win in a casino using Clarna Pay?

Below are one step by step how to submit a deposit with a clarna:

  • If you want to make payments using the Clarna service, create an account on the company’s website
  • The transfers can be ordered directly from the casino side
  • During the deposit payment, select the “Clarna” option offered
  • Then follow the instructions on the screen (they may vary, depending on the casino)
  • Clarna will transfer to the client’s bank side where you will be able to make a transfer – as it works for other payment operators
  • The advantage of this solution is that the customer’s data not leaked outside the Clarna system, which means that they will not be available for the casino itself

How to pay a win?

The ability to pay funds with this method depends on the gambling service from which we use.

If online casino data has a Clarna payment option, the procedure itself is very simple.

First of all, you must have an account on a clarna or sofort service, and then select “Clarna” in the casino payment department and follow the instructions.

The transaction itself is not immediate – the transfer of funds can take from 2 to 3 days.

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Clarna does not impose any additional fees when making a transfer, but it can do your bank, so you must check the terms of use of the service on the site.

Frequent problems when using Clarna Pay and their solutions:

  1. I can not pay my winnings

Unfortunately, not all gambling sites with a clarity offer of payment methods enable payment of funds with it. In this case, select another option from the available options.

  1. I can not find a clarna on the list of payment methods in my casino

Clarna is currently not available in all online casinos, so it’s worth checking what other casinos offer the possibility of making payments using this service.

  1. I can not log in to the Clarna account

Check that all the data you give are correct. Also make sure that the password is correct and there is no, for example, the CAPS Lock.

In the event of data loss, you can recover them using the form that should be sent to the Customer Service Office.

  1. My media have not appeared on your account yet

It is possible that problems with internet connection occurred while making a transfer. This may mean that the data has not been sent and the funds have not yet left their accounts.

In this case, repeat the payment. In the event that the data has been confirmed before interrupting the connection, wait until it is referred to again. Then the funds should appear on the target account.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Clarna Pay service in online casinos:

Very fast transferFor now, a few casinos offer this service
100% secure paymentsNot all services that have this service also offer the possibility of paying appropriations with its help
Clarna does not store data, so there is no risk of their leakage
The service quickly gains popularity
Easy and user-friendly page and mobile application
A trustworthy company with an international reputation

Clarna Pay vs. Other payment services

Klarna.Credit cardsCryptowlGlance
Quick transfer
Safety and data protection
Popularity in online casinos
A convenient app

Do you know that…?

The creator and the founder is a clarified Sebastian Siemięckowski, a Pole born in Sweden. Currently, it is listed on the list of the richest people in the world, and its assets were calculated for over 2.5 billion dollars. Source.

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Although clarna only relatively recently appeared on the Australian market, there are more and more supporters.

This is a trusted and safe company that cares about the customer and its interests. Services offered by Klarna are a lot of facilitation in the field of online payment, also in online casinos.

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