MasterCard is not only one of the most trusted payment methods in gambling games in the world, but also a preferred method of payments in most leading online casinos. We assume that most of you have it in your portfolio, so if you want to learn more and get to know the advantages of using this payment method, this article is for you!

MasterCard is a credit card that can be used to make payments in millions of sales points and also in casinos or online stores.

It is accepted in over 210 countries around the world and can be used on an international scale to withdraw money in banks and ATMs around the world.

MasterCard, like all credit cards, is associated with a normal bank account and guarantees payments to the recipient.

Even if at any given moment you do not have money on your bank account, you can still make a payment and withdrawal through MasterCard virtually anywhere and ever want.

In fact, you take a loan that you will have to pay usually after 30 days.

Payment with MasterCard in casinos online

Making a deposit in online casino through Mastercard is a simple and fast procedure.

On the casino payment page, simply select “Credit cards” and “MasterCard,” and enter your 16 – Digital MasterCard card number and the name and surname, the validity date of the card and 3 digital security code (CVV).

Of course, you have to fill the amount you want to pay and finally you have to confirm the payment after checking if the payment details are correct.

The amount paid will be immediately visible on your Casino Account.

The fees for using this option are usually from 2% to 3%, but if the amount exceeds the value set by the casino, then the fee will be much lower.

Withdrawals by MasterCard in online casinos

Paying funds to the MasterCard card works practically in the same way as when making a payment.

Also to download money from the casino account you must provide a credit card number, name, CVV number and validity date.

Money will be visible on your account usually from 1 to 5 days

MasterCard Advantages

The main advantages of using the MasterCard card in online casinos are:

  • Making payments only a few minutes
  • Money will be delivered immediately
  • You can make a deposit despite no money on your account
  • MasterCard card payments are available at the sale points around the world

Mastercard Method of payment

MasterCard Disadvantages

Although there are many advantages of using MasterCard as payment options, both in online casinos, websites or in normal stores, it is worth remembering that there are also defects to use this form of payments that are:

  • Personal and financial data can come into unauthorized hands, so you can become a victim of fraud
  • The ability to release money you do not have on your account can be a big disadvantage and it is easy to fall into serious financial problems, especially during gambling
  • The next thing to be considered are fees for using MasterCard required in some casinos
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