Revolut appeared on the market in 2015 and revolutionized payment processing, effectively eliminating fees and commissions, putting the needs of their users in the first place. Online casinos also gained on the appearance of this innovative payment method, which we will tell you in the article below. We encourage you to read!

What is different from others? What are her advantages? And does he have defects? You will find out reading.

Revolut is a completely innovative form of payment. Fast and exceptionally simple to use.

With this application you can transfer and receive cash over a second and regardless of the currency.

Revolut was founded by young entrepreneurs, determined to revolutionize the traditional banking sector, which rarely introduces any innovations, while maintaining the excessive structures of the fees, and at the same time having a reputation of low quality of services.

In addition, Revolut founders seem to have knowledge about technology, financial services and design products at the highest level.

How to start using the Revolution application

Revolut is generally speaking an application that allows you to transactions using Android and IOS devices.

It is currently available for use only on these two platforms.

To start using this application, one should first download it.

You can do this with Google Play Store or App Store when you are a user, for example, iPhone.

Once you download the application, you will have to set up your profile.

To start using Revolution, transfer funds from your debit card to the Revolution account.

Having funds on this account, you will be able to start using the Revolution account to make purchases or online transfers around the world.

Revolution payment

How to top up your Revolution account

Debit card

Once you have downloaded the Revolution application and put your profile, you will be able to put your funds using a debit card or a bank transfer literally in a few seconds.

To top up your account with a debit card, just open the application and enter the current given card.

Make sure your billing address is identical to the address given on the revolution account, because if addresses differ from each other, the transfer will not be possible.

Bank transfer

Alternatively, you can also top up your revolution account directly through the bank transfer.

To do this, click on the account top-up and select the appropriate option.

Make sure your bank personal data is identical to the data you have saved on your Revolution profile.

In the event that you will try to make a transfer by a bank account registered by the name of one of your relatives or a friend or a workplace, Revolution will send funds back to your origin account, and at the same time will also charge you a transfer fee.

The bank transfer usually does not appear on the Revolution Account immediately. This is related to all infrastructure and bank protocols.

We also suggest your chosen bank to get acquainted with the transfer-related fees before transactions.

Alternatively, of course, you can always top up your account using your debit card.

Map of Revolt

One of the best features of this payment method is probably a multi-tallate Revolution card.

The Revolut card is accepted wherever the MasterCard payment method is accepted.

What’s more, the Revolution card automatically turns the available balance on the local currency, effectively eliminating the need to search for exchange offices and calculating interbank rates.

In addition, you do not have to worry about the fee for using an ATM or any other, regardless of where you use the Revolution card.

How to get a revolution card

To order the Revolution tab, use the card order options to be sent to you. You will be able to expect card delivery within five business days.

To access the PIN card, go to the Tab section and click on the PIN option.

Unlike traditional debit cards, you can lock the card and stop transfers or receives directly from the Revolution application.

Revolut fees

According to Revolution, financial transactions made via applications or cards are completely free and no fees apply.

However, transactions in which third parties participate, such as banks or ATM operators, may require fees for which Revolution no longer affects.

Fortunately, most ATM operators notify consumers with applicable fees, which means that you can cancel transactions before they are processed.

Safety of the use of the Revolution application

Revolut extremely seriously approaches the issue of privacy, security and protection of data related to the account.

Let’s start with the fact that Revolution uses a 2048-bit SSL protocol to encrypt all data transmitted between its servers.

At the same time, all transactions are transmitted via secure tunnels of a virtual private network (VPN).

In addition, sensitive data, such as card data, are stored in a secret data center.

On the consumer side, the accounts require two-stage verification, and accounts are encrypted cryptographically, which makes it difficult to cybercrimons breaking into user accounts.

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