Sofort was created in Germany for the European Market Square. Today is one of the popular forms of payment, like MasterCard or Trustly. Especially valued for safety and ease of use.

Safety always in the first place!

Soft transfers are entirely online and there is no need to give a card number or a large amount of personal information.

In addition, the SOFORT payment system is regularly checked, which guarantees transaction security and significantly reduces the possibility of errors when performing operations on your account.

Another advantage is the rapid processing of our payments. Thanks to this, the funds paid to the online casino will appear on our account almost immediately, allowing you to get to the game in the blink of an eye.

In addition, your data is protected, and all monitored transfers – so you can check on a regular basis if suspicious operations have occurred.

Sofort works only with legal, licensed casinos, which guarantees that in the event of any problems you can quickly the customer service office and count on professional help.

Do you know that…

In 2014, German Sofort joined with a Swedish clarity, creating a Clarna Group. The company is measured at approx. 5.5 billion dollars and payments are supported, among others In Australia, France, Great Britain, Spain, Belgium and Austria. Source.


How to use Sofort payments in online casinos?

Sofort payments are an ideal solution for players. Fast registration is faster entry to the game, and the additional account is convenient and will allow you to control expenses.

After selecting the online casino, enter the deposits tab on your Player’s account and follow the instructions.

You should not have a problem with finding a casino that offers this method because it is very popular on gambling sites.

Does Sofort get any payments at payments or payments in casinos?

No, deposits and withdrawals of Sofort are completely free, and the only fees bear the casino accepting Sofort under the partnership agreement.

Regardless of the casino you choose, you will not pay for any transaction. You can without worrying them often and regardless of the amount, not worrying about any commission.

How to make a deposit and choose Means with Sofort?

We make payments and payouts without a card only using login and password. However, during registration, however, provide the bank account details with which the SORFT payment account will be associated.

After making a deposit, you will see money right away on your account at the casino.

The length of the payment depends on the bank – they will usually be at least 2 days. Of course, in some cases this time can be slightly longer, but we count on no more than 3-4 days as standard.

Do you know that...

Casino accepting Sofort cover all fees related to the use of the payment system, because the company earns mainly on partner agreements. Attracting a large number of customers is more profitable for both sides, than downloading fees and thus discouraging to continue using the casino.

Solutions of the most common problems when using Sofort payments in online casinos

Below you will find a few useful tips. You can also always use Soft Support.

Money does not appear on your account for 2 days.

Most often it is just a delay. If you do not appear in the next few days, consult customer service.

  • I can not log in to my account.

Make sure you give good data, and Capslock is turned off. If you still fail to get to your account, you can recover the password through the form, and if you lose access to any data, use the account recovery form to send your customer service office.

  • I can not confirm the transfer because the buttons do not work.

This is probably a problem with the security settings in your browser. Take advantage of another or from Incognito mode.

  • I can not use Sofort payment.

If you live outside of Australia, check that this form of payment is available in your place of residence.

  • A problem with the Internet has occurred while making a transfer.

Do not you lose your money? No. If the information has shone to the casino, the money will be on your account soon. If not, the transfer must be repeated, but the media did not leave the SOFORT account.

Do you know that…

Online payment methods are still often wrongly regarded by users too much safe than traditional. Therefore, Sofort and other companies offering such services apply particularly great attention to security.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Sofort in Internet casinos

Most casinos accepts Sofort paymentsWithdrawal
Using Sofort is safeA small popularity in Australia
No delay at payment
Sofort allows you to use virtually all bonuses
One of the most popular online payment methods
No card

Sofort vs. Other payment methods

Sofort has all the advantages of an electronic portfolio. The basic currency here is the euro, so unlike Bitcoin, it will not change its value in a short time.

The main task of online payments in casinos is fast transfer of money and allowing the game to enter. Sofort perfectly meets these criteria, as well as all options listed below.

PayPal and MasterCard payments often require data and card numbers. Sofort is only an internet account, so we do not have to worry about data leak, and finance control is much simpler.

FunctionalityRight awayMastercardPaypalBitcoin
Credit card
Fast payment
Low exchange rate fluctuations

Do you know that…

An average of 3 million transactions is performed every month via Sofort. Users come mainly from Europe. Source.


Online payments are trustworthy, and Sofort checks well as a game account. You do not have to worry about safety here or that we will wait a long time for a transfer.

Sofort is definitely an ideal option for anyone needs an additional account without unnecessary visits to the bank and formalities.

Right away Transactions without a card