Dark Vortex opinia

In these times, we also have a huge selection of games on machines with the most modern video slots. Dark Vortex although it differs from a standard one-armed bandit you know. Yggdrasil Gaming He delighted us once again to create the original Dark Vortex game undoubtedly. The translation into Australian, a dark whirl offers us to enter the world of various monsters and beasts. In this game we have 5 drums and very many ways to win. Dark Vortex offers us from 243 to 3.125 ways to win what you certainly encourages you to try to get into a dark whirl.

Dark Vortex Slot functions

Dark Vortex has to offer us many interesting slots functions. We have already mentioned the most important function which is won in many ways. Nevertheless, this is not the only original feature offered by Dark Vortex. The game consists in collecting Vortex symbols that allow you to open a vortex. Particular attention should be focused on Stacked Wilds and highly paid symbols, because they are the basis of emotions in Dark Vortex.

Dark Vortex Free Spiny

Another function about which it is worth mentioning this bonus round. There are several ways that you can use to move to bonus rounds. One of the ways is to collect as many blue and pink orbs. Players who are not armed with patience and immediately are ready for more fun, have the opportunity to buy their adapter to bonus rounds. During the round of bonus rounds, the player draws the number of bonus rounds and chooses how high he wants to raise the number of Stacks of Wilds.

Dark Vortex bonusy

Dark Vortex also offers a lot of attractive features bonus. If the player draws 2 Vortex symbols on the drum, then he gets 3 vortex spins during which the drums are on high 5 instead of high 3. This process increases the chances of winning.

Where can you play Dark Vortex

Dark Vortex is available on all devices. This means that you can play anywhere, using your mobile phone or a laptop. In our time, very few of us leave their homes without a mobile phone. With Dark Vortex on your phone Nuda will never be terrible. The rates start with only 10p minimally and the maximum plant is £ 50, and so even Prosty withdraw with a few small in your pocket you can try to enrich. The specified percentage of the player for the player is as much as 97% (RTP) so in my opinion nothing hurts to try because the chances are big. Volatility is 71.5. You can play Dark Vortex today by clicking on one of the following Links.

Dark Vortex min. and max stakes, bets, return value for player, max win

This game offers us extremely a good chance of winning. Playing in Dark Vortex, the player has a chance to enlarge his bet up to 7,38 times on each spin. One could say that this game Warta candles with a very large potential and even more chances to win.

Dark Vortex graphics and sounds

The appearance of Dark Vortex slot is a pleasure for the eye. Slot has a look on the subject of Halloween. Characters and symbols are very interesting designed. The graphic is very interesting, dark and also full of colors. Sound effects connected together with characters and symbols, create interesting and full entertainment atmosphere for the player.

Dark Vortex Summary

Overall, Dark Vortex presents quite good. Graphically, this is one of the most interesting video games. The game also has many functions which can not be found in other games of this type, for example up to 3.125 ways to win and the possibility of buying entry into bonus rounds. In my opinion, Dark Vortex has very much potential. All you need to do is make sure that he relaxed, relaxed and pulled into a dark kingdom.

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