The time has come to smile and blink, because Netent has released its next important game – the official emoje® slot named …

Emojiplanet Opinion

The time has come to smile and blink, because Netent released its next important game – the official emoje® slot called Emoji Planet, which was created in cooperation with Global Merchandising Services & The Emoji Company.

Simon Hammon, main representative for products in the company Netent, explained the selection of a new topic: “As a leader in the field of mobile online games and innovations, Emojis fits perfectly to Netent. Every day, millions, if not billions – people around the world use Emojis. They became their own tongue; It is difficult to think about another well-known and so liked Marce. ”

Emoji Planet Learn more

The Emoji Planet vending machine is built of 5 drums and 6 rows with the Avalanche function that helps to win through the falling symbols.

Symbols on the drums are some of the popular emoji symbols, including bombs, pizzas, kissing, rockets, smiling smileys, two hearts and a few others.

Emoji Planet Bonus functions

In the game there are 5 bonus functions that are:

Bomb Feature – Destroys 8 randomly selected symbols on the drums and rewards the X5 coins to the X100 of your bet for each symbol.

Kiss Mark Feature – Gives 3 launching wild symbols. Each of these symbols has 3 life, which are lost with each winning combination.

Rocket Feature – Add 10 Wild symbols over the drums or on the drums and during Spin starts the Avalanche function, thanks to which you earn more wilders and increase the chances of winning.

Pizza Feature – A mega 3 × 3 symbol will appear on the drums to help us win a larger win.

Two Hearts Feature – When you do not have more winning combinations or when no other emoji functions have started, the win will be calculated on the basis of the current win multiplied by the number on the counter one.

Emojiplanet Free Spiny

Casinos do you have links to this review, offer Free spiny On the Emojiplanet and others when registering your account. In addition, they have decent welcome bonuses and many promotions in which players from Australia can participate.

Emojiplanet Graphics and Sound

Everyone loves and use Emojis every day when sending text messages, on Facebook, Instagram or other social platforms, so we have no doubt that the Emojiplanet game is an attractive game for a huge number of players. There is a great potential to create fun graphics and interesting features about this topic and the netent used it great.