Extra Chilli Megaways opinia

Extra Chili is a successor of an extremely popular Bonanza slot, in which Megaways technology was used for the first time. In this article you can read about our experience with this game. Find out if it matches its famous predecessor!

SubstantiationA very interesting and exciting slot, but rather not suitable for beginner players.
Game name:Extra Chilli Megaways
Supplier:Big Time Gaming
Game type:Slot
RTP:96,15% – 96,82%
Functions:Free Spiny, Wild Symbols, Scatter Symbols, Monoins, Free Spins, Gamble Feature Drop
Payment lines:117649
Minimum rate:0,20
Maximum rate:40
Used currencies:EUR, USD, GBP
The highest win:20000 x

How we tested Extra Chilli Megaways

We have done the marks, testing the alone discussed slot to the review be the most reliable. Below we have included a list of steps we made:

  • Checking basic information – such as the GAME, RTP, minimum and maximum rate or currency from which you can use.
  • A look at how the slot looks from the visual side – At what level there are graphics and music or harmonize with each other and how the game board looks like.
  • Reading in the instructions on the slot functions – How much they are on how they work and what you can gain thanks to them.
  • Running a few rounds – To see how the game looks like.

Play Extra Chilli Megaways with the best bonus

Where can you play in Extra Chilli:

There are many pages on which you can try Extra Chilli Megaways

In Extra Chilli you can play in many popular and secure online casinos. My attention has attracted the offer of Malina Casino. As a welcome bonus, a 100% return of the first deposit up to AUD 2000 and 200 can be obtained Free spins.

In addition, the casino offers players from 50 free spins as part of a weekly reload bonus. An ideal option for someone who wants to try a slot game.

Rating: 4/5

Symbols in Extra Chilli Megaways & Withdrawals

See how the basic elements of each slot appear in Extra Chilli. In this part, we will discuss symbols and prospects of winnings.


The best payable symbols are chili peppers in various colors – purple, red, green and blue. Symbols with a lower value are typical for slots A, K, Q, J, 10 i 9.

In addition, there are also bonus symbols that will discuss the game functions section. The winning combinations go from left to law.


In the tables below you can check how much individual symbols are worth. The first shows the symbols with a higher value, while the second one with lower.

Extra Chilli Megaways

Bets min. and max., AutoPLAY option

The minimum rate in each currency (dollars, euro or pounds) is the same – 0.20. The maximum rate in turn 40.

There is a autoplay option in the game. You can set it after pressing the AUTO button. Then the panel appears on which the number of revolutions (from 5 to 100) and the limit of winnings and losers are selected.


RTP is high compared to this type of slots – can reach up to 96.82%. How much will it thoroughly depend on whether the player will buy Feature Drop. Without this RTP function, 96.15% – 96.41%. However, from Feature Drop between 96.26% and 96.82%.


Extra Chilli Megaways is characterized by high variability. Thanks to this, the player can count on high winnings.

Frequency of hits

So far, we do not have information that is the frequency of hits. Some producers prefer not to disclose it.

Jackpot / Maximum win

Thanks to multipliers and bonuses, the maximum win can reach up to 20000 x value of the plant. Extra Chilli does not belong to slot machines with progressive jackpot.

In Extra Chilli, a new technology was used, which can provide many impressions

Thanks to the use of Megaways technology, the winning lines can be several hundred thousand! The gameplay is more interesting and does not get bored, because every spin is unique.

This introduces an exciting note of unpredictability. Both RTP and variability are high. So you can hope for large winnings, the more so that the maximum win is 20000 x bet value.

In general, the slot looks very interesting, although the use of Megaways technology may overwhelm inexperienced players.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Game functions

Extra Chilli has a lot of bonus functions. Below I will present their abbreviation description.

Wild symbols and other functions

Special symbols are going to the first fire! See what kind of types you will find in Extra Chilli.

Symbole wild

Wild symbols have a chief of fireworks. They can replace all other symbols, in addition to Scatter. They appear only on additional drums.

Symbole Scatter

SCATTER symbols have a form of gold letters H, O and T. They need 3 to get 8 free spins. Each additional SCATTER symbol gives 4 turns. These symbols appear on each drum, in addition to additional.

Extra Chilli Megaways slot

Symbole Free Spin Scatter

They appear only during free spins on the additional drum.


Appears during free spins. It starts from 1 and increases with any reaction.

Free Spins Gamble

It’s a wheel that appears after buying a Feature Drop. The player can then decide whether to stop the spins that he already has, or to go to fate and risking in the hope of more turnover.

You can also get up to 24 free spins, but there is also a danger of losing your already held revolutions.

Feature Drop

On the left side of the board is the price that is constantly changing and which you can pay for free spins.

You can not complain about the shortcomings of the bonus functions in Extra Chilli Megaways

In Extra chilli bonus functions are sufficient and can not be bored. Thanks to the non-limit multipliers, you can get large winnings.

Free Spins Gamble is quite risky, because you can lose all free turns, but I think about this thrill emotion goes in gambling games.

On the other hand, however, such a number of special functions can overwhelm a beginner players.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Graphics and Sound in Extra Chilli Megaways

Music and graphics are undoubtedly an important element of each game! We must admit that the image and sound match the subject of Extra Chilli.

Adapted Moblin
MusicEnergetic, in the Mexican style
Special functionsFeature Drop, Free Spins Gamble, Free Spiny with multiplier

Feel like in Mexico

I like a visual luminaire. Energy music and the sounds of the crowd introduce in the climate of the Mexican city market, but not tiring. However, if the sound will disturb someone, you can turn it off.

The game board also fit into the atmosphere, looking like a stall with vegetables.

Vivid colors, and the use of symbols associated typically with Mexico (chili peppers!) Make you really feel like on the streets of the Mexican city!

Rating: 5/5

Solutions if you have any game problems

  • If the game does not respond or jams during the spin, the spin will be repeated and the result will be released when the slot start.
  • If you do not finish the game, it will be automatically finished after 2 days. Winning will be paid into the player’s account.
  • If you have any game problems, you can report to the Customer Customer Service from which you use.


Extra Chilli This is an exciting slot with a lot of functions, attractive graphics and a Mexican climate. Thanks to Megaways technology, it attracts attention.

Certainly this is not a typical machine. Thanks to the multitude of special features, it provides a lot of entertainment and the opportunity to win.

Megaways technology and additional functions can, however, seem too complicated and chaotic for beginners.

Despite this, however, we rate this automatic high and we recommend to see how you enjoy.

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Extra Chilli Megaways