Fairy tales from a thousand and one night have already inspired many game – it’s time for slots! Below you will learn whether and why you should play Megaways Jackpots Genie.

Genie Jackpots Megaways opinia


  • The subject of a well-known fairy tale
  • Curious
  • A lot of winnings
  • A lot of automatic game options


  • Dotted music in manual mode
  • No liquidity in a slot animation

Substantiation:A simple game with an interesting topic
Title of the game:Genie Jackpots Megaways
Manufacturer:BluePrint Gaming
Number of paid lines:15 625
Drums:6 (always active)
Minimum deposit:0.10 (GBP) (ok. 0.54 AUD)
Maximum payment:10.00 (GBP) (ok. 54.30 AUD)
The highest win:x10.000

How we tested Genie Jackpots Megaways

We checked intuitiveness and the possibility of winning in different variants:

  • Easy start – We checked if the basic functions of the game are found in visible places
  • Rund testing – Slot could work a bit smoothly, but the graphics are pleasant for the eye and matched to the theme
  • Automatic game – Simple game automation panel opens after clicking the lamp. It is possible to set a specified number of automatic rounds, but when the jackpot is hit, the game returns to manual mode.
  • Free round – They are held in a bonus game to which we are moved immediately after unlocking it
  • Optimization of the mobile version – The game on the phone is just as convenient and trouble-free as on a larger screen.

Play Genie Jackpots Megaways with the best bonus

Where to play? There are many possibilities, regardless of where you live. Below are some of the most important sites with access for Australian players.

Genie Jackpots Megaways You will play:

BetSafeStart Game
Nitro CasinoStart Game
SlotticaStart Game
Vulcan Vegas.Start Game
5GringosStart Game

… and other portals!


Genie Jackpots Megaways It is a popular slot, and your forces are best trying on the site BetSafe, which also gives you the opportunity to get Bonus 150% do 3000PLN i 400 Free spins At the start, that is, at the first deposit we get additional 100%, if the deposit height does not exceed 1000PLN, and 200 free spins.

Another deposit, to 4000PLN gives 50% deposit bonus and 200 free spins.

A big advantage is also the possibility of testing a slot in Demo modeBefore you decide to play for real money. .

If you need a change, you will also find a variety on the site RouletteBlackjacka and many others slots.

Free version It is also easily accessible and does not require registration or any additional shares, so you can play at any time.

Genie Jackpots Megaways Symbols and withdrawals

A small variety of symbols significantly increases the possibility of hitting.

It’s good to remember this and focus on frequencyinstead of high sums. The game enables large winnings, so undertaking a great risk is not necessary.

You can focus on a quiet game and spend a few more times here, discovering more Bonus.


In the game you will find several symbols related to Beeks of a thousand and one night and a pair of standard, found in most slots of card figures.

They will give you bonuses in the form for example Free spins i multipliers. Of course, only if they occur in the right quantity and arrangement.


Dżin, Treasures and Sejmitary – These ideal symbols fit the history of Alladine! Each of them also serves an important role in the gameplay. A view will be especially pleased Magic Jina.


9,10 i J arranged 6 drums guarantee 0.5x deposits, in turn Q, K i A, to 1x for FULA.

Six chests with treasures gives Fivefold payment of paymentand Full turban and crossed sejmitres are winning 2.5-Color.

Minimum / maximum payment, AutoPLAY option

Minimal payment, this 0.10 GBP (ok. 0.54 AUD), and the maximum 10.00 GBP (ok. 54.30 AUD). There is also an option Automatic game.

Interestingly, we have the opportunity not only to set the number of rounds, but also a variant in which the end of the automatic game depends on the number of lost queues, which is very practical, and not always a shared solution.


RTP in Genie Jackpots Megaways is 96.52%.


Variability is here average, which means decent winnings from frequency. When choosing the right number of rounds and without playing too aggressively, you have a chance to profit.

Frequency of hits

High – Slot has 15625 Possibility of hitting. Remember, however, that not every one of them will fully compensate for the contribution to the queue.

Maximum win

It is 10.000-fold Payments, so assuming the highest, we can count even on 100.000 GBP (ok. AUD 543,000)


Genie Jackpots Megaways It is easy to use, and the winnings are quite often, also even a beginner casino enthusiasts have a chance to fight for winning.

Of course, as for each slot, some experience and the right strategy are necessary for success.

Genie Jackpots Megaways has the advantage that science should go quickly and acquiring all the rules is not too complicated.

It will be ideal for beginner players with a small experience, and more advanced also supplies entertainment for a long time.

Genie Jackpots Megaways has a small threshold for minimal payments and the winnings appear quite often, but achieving profit is not so easy.
The hit of the winning combination is relatively simple. We finally have 15625 capabilities.

Unfortunately, something for something. A large number of winnings had to be compensated by their altitude.

There is a lot of risk that even pop-up prizes will not give us a positive final result.

However, you should not take an aggressive strategy for this because it is likely to lose a lot of money.

If you feel that this is not your happy day, stop and come back to the game a bit later.

Functionality of the game

Most of the functionalities remain consistent with online casino standards. We have here Re-spinyWildy etc. Jin also has some surprises in the store …

New Facts:

Additional options do not only serve more attracting the game. They are primarily a chance for multiplying winning or for getting Free spins.

They are usually firmly related to the theme of the game – show the main character or activate the animation, thanks to which the slot ceases to be an ordinary machine, and becomes a full-value game.

This is thanks to this type of solutions Online slots They gained such a great popularity, especially among fans of films, fairy tales and journeys, because they are devoted to the most games.

Wildy, re-spiny i inne

Simply put – the most important symbols in the game. You will recognize them easily, thanks to detailed graphic designers, and sometimes also an animations that appear.

When you activate them, the gameplay will start for good!


The game has Two types of wild. The basic works as in any other slot.

Dżin can use the entire drum or move you to Bonus gameswhere they will be played Free round. In any case, the appearance of this symbol is good sign!


Win with Djin will give you Free re-spiny In a bonus game! They activate immediately after receiving, so you do not have to worry that they will lose or disappear somewhere.


You will see him during free rounds. Each subsequent magic lamp icon (starting from two) will give you another spins.

Mystery Wishes

This is another, though not very useful feature. There is a bonus game – JIN adds several symbols in each queue.

However, there is no possibility of re-spin, so the rounds end quickly and without great successes. After all, this is an interesting addition.


  • When you hit at least three bonus symbols, you will move to the treasure filled with treasures Caves of miracles, i.e. the place from which the magical lamp of Alladine came.
  • In the grotto of miracles you will be asked to choose one of four lamps. A bonus game will depend on your decision. Of course, the prizes are random and there are no tips that would allow you to take the best choice.


Additional functionalities are mostly interesting and useful. They give a lot of possibilities.

The bonus game particularly raises the chances of profit. At first glance, the rules for granting prizes may seem difficult to understand, but it is only appearances. Just get to know a few Basic rules And everything is getting clear. In case of problems, in the right upper corner of the game you will find the icon help. After opening it, we will receive a whole set of useful information.

Additional options Genie Jackpots Megaways perfectly fit into the theme of the game.
Bonuses and additional rounds have been well fit into the atmosphere of a thousand and one night.

Dżin magically multiplied winnings and “hidden“Grotto of miracles, this is a pleasant variety during the standard gameplay.

We do not feel monotony here because something is happening on the slot.

After a thorough look, we can even see a discreet background animation.

The game is another edition of the popular slot.

Previous – “Genie Jackpots” did not differ from her too much, she only needed a small refreshment.

Judging by availability on many pages – the new version has been very good.

Genie Jackpots Megaways Graphics and Sound

Sound path from contemporary fairy tale. The sound has been adapted to modern times, which does not recognize the climate of the game in any way.

Optimization for phones
MusicModern, but in Arabic climate
Special functionalityWell-chosen in terms of graphic and in the gameplay
In totalA pleasant game, does not get bored quickly


The game can interest and is pleasant to the user.

Fans of Arab climates should find out well. The colors is maintained in gold, purple, grenade and red, associated with hot nights and palaces on the sand.

He has something from a child’s fairy tale and at the same time a big dose of mystery.

The project undoubtedly passed the exam, although the animation of the slot itself seems a bit too simplified, bonuses are dynamic and refined.

The soundtrack has also been well chosen. It does not distract, but it is quite alive – so that it does not be bored with long-term gameplay.

The problem can be a manual mode, because the sound can only be heard when the slot drums are moving.

In the long run, it is up to quite annoying and definitely a better way out to leave music playing in the background, and for the ongoing rounds of choosing only appropriate sound effects.

Genie Jackpots Megaways offers interesting experiences in a straight 2D graphic
Graphics do not belong to exceptionally complicated and in this charm. They are associated with fairy tales, which we remember well from childhood and thus able to draw hard. Their main feature was strong, cheerful colors and characteristic “Disneyowska“Dash.

Solutions of the most common game problems

Most problems can be solved quickly or will be repaired after refreshing the page

  • Basic functions, this arrows directed up and downthanks to which you can control the amount of the sum. The round starts the circular arrow on the right and the additional options can be found in Lamp icon In the lower right corner.
  • If the game will break during the round, we can play it again.
  • In the absence of repetition, technical support and report the problem.
  • In the event of system problems, the payment will be returned.
  • If you use a mobile version, the game can ask you to rotate the device to the level. If after doing this, the message does not disappear from the screen, the screen is locked and turn on the screen turn on the phone options.
  • If the game does not want to load, be sure to check the quality of the connection and whether a message with a blocked browser has not been shown in the address bar.
  • Some pages may have location restrictions, which makes a slot will be available on them. This is due to legal regulations regarding casinos and games of chance. The game itself is not covered by restrictions, so just look for it on a different side.


The biggest advantage is the topics of the game. Who did not dream about hidden treasures and dangerous travels in a distant side of the world? How many of us envied the alladyn meeting with a jester meeting?

Graphics definitely works on a . The animation is missing the liquidity time and not all the functionality are needed, but the game can not be denied charm. Rounds pass quickly and are not filled with unnecessary additives, while not bored with monotonousness.

For the player, it is also important to protect in the form of a controlled automatic game.

Not wanting to lose great sums, we prefer to give a range that we can devote without a significant loss for our budget.

Although the most important thing is not to transfer more than we can spend on entertainment, experience says that it happens differently and additional security will never hurt.

Rating: 4.5/5

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