Let them bring you an imagination! If you like to play slots, and you are a sci-fiction fan you’ve got a great time! Jumanji is …

Jumanji opinia

If you like to play slots, and you are a sci-fiction fan you’ve got a great time! Jumanji is a charming slot game that was produced by the Swedish Netent Games Manufacturer. Jumanji is a game based on the popular movie “Jumanji: adventure in the jungle” with a wonderful made Williams in the main role. At one time, the movie was extremely popular. Have you ever played in Jumanji? No, it’s time to try! Give yourself to get into the virtual world of this magical game in which the experience is the most important. Let’s look at this intriguing game close up and see how much and how you can enrich it.

Jumanji Features of the game

The game was inspired by the film with the participation of the famous Robin Williams from 1995 and takes place in a board game. It is built with 5 drums, 36 lines. There are a lot of crazy symbols and wild animals in the game. The functions of the game also include free spins, wild symbols, wild drums, wildlife and other symbols.

Jumanji Slot Bonus

When it comes to bonus functions, Jumanji has plenty – there are 4 random functions in the basic game. They are as follows:

  • Sticky Vines function – You get re-spins that increase your winnings. All symbols that are part of the winning combination, stick to the drums with other symbols – which leads to adding more winning symbols. Re-turnings are ongoing until no new winning combinations are created or until the entire drum set is filled.
  • MONSOON WILDS FUNCTION – 1 or 2 drums become wild drums with rotating reels.
  • Funkcja Monkey Mayhem – All symbols mix randomly, creating a guaranteed winning combination.
  • Wild Stampede function – Rhinoceroses push the drums with rotating reels. In the process for drums, 4 to 9 wildcards are added.

Jumanji Slot Free Spiny

Functions Free spins They can be found in every corner of the board game – when your token goes to one of the 2 locations before the function, you will play this function. When you activate the function, the appropriate locations are awarded with additional bone throws, if you land on them again. Here are the Details of the function:

  • Funkcja Vines Free Spins – You will get 10 free spins with re-rotation if you get a winning combination. It works similar to the Sticky Vines function in the basic game. However, the vines will grab the wilderness and keep them in place throughout the duration of the function.
  • Function of free monsoon spins – You get 7 free spins with the MONSOON WILDS function entering the game. You will gain 1 or 2 wild drums on every free spin.
  • Funkcja Monkey Free Spins – You get 6 free spins using Monkey Mayhem.
  • FUNCTION OF FREE SPINS STAMPEDE – You get 5 free spins using Wild Stampede – from 4 to 9 Wild symbols are added with each free spin.

Jumanji slot graphics and sounds

The game window is located on the background of board games, surrounded by monkeys, which only wait to repay some psikus. Interesting graphics are distinguished by colored details, and excellent animations will certainly bring your attention. In turn, the soundtrack will facilitate you to move to the heart of the jungle, is a combination of forest animals and exciting sounds straight from the action movie.


Jumanji Slot – Our conclusion

We definitely recommend this fantastic game based on a classic and adored movie. According to us, Jumanji is an extremely charming game with great potential for quite high winnings and with a lot of bonus functions and free spins. This great game of adventures in the jungle is a fantastic combination of board games and a machine. The graphic of this slot is at a high level. If you are looking for a bit of magic and mystery, then you should try this machine. Jumanji can now be found, for example, at the Unibet Casino. A lot of impressions and emotions await you.

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