Rick and Morty Megaways opinia

Rick and Morty Megaways is a proposal not only for a cartoon iconic fans. Over one hundred thousand payout lines, free spins, mysterious symbols – see what else offers this machine!

Substantiation:Thousands of chance of winning, rich animation, reference to the iconic series, numerous bonus functions, intuitive service, addictive plot.
Game name:Rick and Morty Megaways
Supplier:BluePrint Gaming
Game type:Megaways online automaton
Volatility (volatility):High
RTP:96.55% in the basic round, 97.16% in a bonus round
Functions:Free SpinySpiny, Wild Symbol, Additional Multiplier in the FX Round, Option to buy a round with free Spets, Mystery Symbol (additional Wild Symbol). Over 117,000 payout lines (Megaways)
Number of paylines:Do 117649
Number of drums:6 standard + 1 additional
Minimum bet (on all lines):0,10 coins
Maximum bet:10 monet
Maximum win:50000 x bet value

How did we test the Rick and Morty Megaways automatic?

Before we wrote this review, we looked carefully to every detail game from BluePrint Gaming – Tests lasted for hours (we had a conventional at the same time), we checked literally everything, including:

  • Intuitiveness of service – whether the slot is friendly to the players, whether it easily controls whether the buttons are logically arranged,
  • Principle of operation – What is the Megaways engine that the player knows how many winning lines has in a given round,
  • Transparency of activities – Will the win be visible and the player knows where they came from, does he know how many free spins left him,
  • Bonus – number of bonus functions and their attractiveness on the background of other similar class of slot machines,
  • Compatibility with mobile devices – How does Slot deal with your smartphones and tablets.

Play Rick and Morty Megaways with the best bonus

List of casinos, where you will play in Rick and Morty Megaways with the best bonus:

  • 7Signs Casino..
  • Yeti Casino
  • Cellar
  • Vulcan Vegas.

Choose the right casino and gain the highest bonus

Although the game itself gives a lot of winnings, the player can get even more!

Depending on what bonus Welcome offers casino data, you can win, among others Free spiny For use in Rick and Morty Megaways or additional resources for the game.

Rating: 5/5

Rick and Morty Megaways – Symbols and withdrawals

Rick and Morty Megaways is a vending machine, which is 100% reflecting the climate of the iconic cartoon.

Nothing is strange that and symbols are maintained in the same style – the line is characteristic of the Adult Swim studio – the creators of the series, and items captured on the drums refer to the adventures of Ricki and Morti.


The most important basic symbols are of course the title of Cartoons Heroes – Rick and Morty.

In addition to them, mysterious crystals, green meteorite and stone symbols of cards will appear on the chalkboard.

Special symbols are Mystery Symbol (acts like Wild), Wild Symbol and Bonus (Acting Scatter – 4 The Bonus Symbols transfer a player to a round with free spinners).


The winning lines are counted from the left to the right.

Almost all configurations wins the minimum combination of three identical symbols; The exception is the icon with a crazy scientist – two Rick characters are enough to win a win.

< h3> Minimalny / maksymalny zakład, opcja autoplay < /h3>

In the Rick and Morty Megaways machine, due to the very variable number of payment lines (from several hundred to over 117,000), there is no possibility to bet on a single line, there is always a bet for the whole.

The minimum amount is 0.10 coins (0,10 euro, 0.10 USD, etc.), maximum – 10 coins.

The game starts by clicking the PLAY button or by pressing the space.

If single spins are too borny for you, you can use the AutoPLAY option.

It is worth emphasizing that it is quite extensive – the player has the ability to set the number of automatic games, the maximum amount of the autoplay lost in the round, the maximum limit of winning a single round.

The autoplay mode will be interrupted when the highest winnings are hit.


RTP, or a player’s refund indicator, determines the average percentage from the amount paid by the player who returns to him after a longer game.

In the case of Rick and Morty Megaways RTP, RTP is 96,55% In the basic round and 97,16% In the bonus round.

This means that, for example, investing AUD 1000 in the game, the player theoretically after a long time will receive approx. AUD 965 in the basic round and AUD 970 in the bonus round.

These are, of course, purely statistical data – in the case of vending machines based on a generator of random numbers about the win, first of all decides happiness.

In any case, the RTP indicator of this machine, compared to others, falls quite average – there are slots in RTP in 98% and higher.


Due to the Megaways engine, which provides up to 117,000 payment lines, the height of the winnings is very diverse – in one round, the player may have 850 outpatients in the second round, and in the second 117,000, one can hit a won worth lower than the plant, in the second – 50000-folding plant – this causes the variability of this slot really high.

Frequency of hits

Megaways is a mechanism, thanks to which almost every time the player gains the opportunity to hit a different payline.

Everything because during the game on each drum a completely different number of fields and symbols may appear – once the slot is in a 6 x 6 system + additional drum, and once on the drum will be, for example, 9 and more symbols.

This makes the chances of hitting any win in this game are very large – during our tests almost every time we took a reward.

Unfortunately, mostly the height of the winnings, delicately speaking, was not stunning …

Jackpot / Maximum win

Maximum win, as the producer provides 50000-folding plant.

Rick and Morty Megaways does not have a progressive jackpot.

Rick and Morty Megaways is a high volatility machine but giving a chance for frequent winnings

Though Automaticicic From Blueprint Gaming, it is classified to high-risk slots (high variation), but RTP shows that the winnings fall quite often and the general loss in time is not high.

Of course, the hit of the winning higher than the bet there is much less frequent than minor amounts, but the frequency of hits, the chance for a bonus round and additional functions largely compensate for this disadvantage.

Overall rating: 5/5

Game functions

Rick and Morty Megaways is a slot with over 117,000 payment lines. Such a number seems totally impossible to embrace!

However, thanks to the Megaways engine, however, it is available. It gives relatively frequent (although usually slightly) winnings.

SPINA, RESGINA and other bonus functions are also available as standard, as more below.

Wild, Respina and other bonus functions

When it comes to the available bonuses in the game, Rick and Morty Megaways has quite a lot of them.

You will find both standard symbols Wild i Scatter (Bonus), but Respina, Free Spinyor … option Additionally paid bonus round.

Symbole wild

In Rick and Morty Megaways, no one is waiting for players, and two wild symbols that replace every basic symbol on the board.


Each hit of the winning line means that winning symbols disappear from the board, and new appears in their place, giving another chance to win.


There is no multiplier in the basic game, but the round with free spindles this inconvenience compensates.

Depending on the type of bonus selected, the player can gain a multiplier until x20, and additionally – they still apply here.

Bonus round with free spins

When hitting a minimum of 4 symbols, the player’s bonus receives a round with free spins. Their number depends on what kind of bonus you choose.

There are three bonus rounds to choose from, each of them with a different special function.

If, despite descriptions, you are not sure of which functions you want to use, you can choose the Mystery Free Spins option that draws the number of free spins and the type of bonus for you.

Paid bonus round

In Rick and Morty Megaways, one more bonus function deserves attention.

At any moment, the player has the opportunity to … buying a round with free spins.

For 150 times the bet, you will run a circle of your choice Mystery spinswhich will decide how many free shifts you will receive and with what bonus will appear.

Rick and Morty Megaways has a surprisingly a lot of bonus functions.

Although the market of online vending machines is huge, it is not easy to find a vending machine where both free spins and resins appear, two Wild symbols, up to a 20-fold multiplier, as well as the possibility of buying a paid round free spins.

Rick and Morty Megaways has all these features. Not only this, also offers up to 117,000 winning lines.

Of all the bonus functions available on the market, there are only a risk round here.

When it comes to bonuses, this game knocked us their enormity.

Overall rating: 5/5

Rick and Morty Megaways – Graphics and Sound

This machine will appreciate especially the fans of the series – the game precisely reproduces the graphic and sound known for its cartoon.

MIM that the slot was created in 2D animation, the quality of performance really impresses.

Everything here is consistent – theme, sound, graphics, animations (sometimes appearing in unexpected moments).

Compatibility with mobile devicesMobile version page / No mobile application for most mobile devices with iOS and Android
SoundA pleasant music theme, sounds rotating drums, a signal hit a bonus symbol, round with free spins.
Special functionsAutoPLAY option with the option of setting the number of revolutions, maximum loss or a single win.

Impressions from the game in Rick and Morty Megaways are satisfactory

Music referring to the serial theme works relaxing, but with a longer game it becomes quite monotonous.

It took us a lot of time to find the option to turn off music – it is in the help menu drop-down (three horizontal dashes).

When it comes to a visual page, here the case looks a bit better. The graphics are refined in every detail and perfectly reproduces the popular cartoon.

Title characters every now and then appear on the board, saying issues from the series.

After all, if we were to evaluate the experience of the game only on the basis of graphics and sound, cutting off the bonus functions, the game would stand out with a special competition.

Our rating: 4/5

What to do when there will be problems with a game

  • If during the game the game is suddenly interrupted (software failure, broken connection), without worrying – the round will be resumed and the funds from the interrupted plant will return to the player’s account.
  • If due to the restart of the game or a broken connection, the funds from the plant did not return to the account, the player has the ability to the casino support and complaints.
  • If the game frequently suspends or unexpectedly turns off, check your internet connection, try changing your web browser, and if this does not help – the casino support department.


Rick and Morty Megaways is a slot machine whose testing has made us a lot of joy.

The number of bonus functions makes a dizziness, and the horrendal 117,000 payment lines raises the vision of large winnings (although during the game, we have never been able to get the result of over 100,000 payout lines, but already a few thousand chances of winning great emotions raised).

A definitely suits the resins after each winning line. We also liked the way to choose a bonus round, and especially the draw option – ideal when you can not decide what you would like to receive as a bonus.

Against the background of all “fairy tales” a little lesser looks the soundtrack and graphics – music after some time becomes monotonous, and turn it off through a hidden function in the function menu.

However, as a whole, it is definitely one of the more interesting slots available on the market and it is worth trying it – perhaps someone will manage to shoot mythical great win in the amount of 50000 times the bet …

Overall rating: 4.5 / 5

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Review Rick and Morty Megaways