A storm comes, and when you look at the dark sky, you will see an aerial ship flowing through the clouds. This is just one of the Steampunk-style elements described in this new slot – Riders of the Storm from Thunderkick. We also betray the secret that on the way you will also meet a ship’s crew, which can lead you to various exciting bonus functions when rotating the drums. Read our full review of the Riders of the Storm slot to learn more about its functions, and where you can try online casinos from September 11, 2023!


Riders of the Storm is an epic video machine and has huge potential for not crowds also our emotions. We were afraid that the charming Thunderkick sleeps behind the wheel because we have not had any messages from him for months. We did not know that she was working on a masterpiece. Riders Of The Storm is a game that will survive the test of time

When the machine loads, you are driving straight into a heavy storm, and the game has a dramatic soundtrack and driving thunder. All this takes place on 5 drums, 3 rows, and 243 pay lines. You can bet on 100 euro on rotation on all devices. The basic game uses 2x Wild multipliers and up to 4, fully arranged wild rolls Landing in random moments.

Thunderkick takes you here to a powerful storm because the spools are set on a very gloomy cloud. 3 steampunk figures They are high-value symbols with the symbol wild and also have symbols with medium and low value. The payout table for RIDERS OF THE STORM is as follows:

  • Symbol Wild – Pays 15x for 5 on the withdrawal line
  • Captain – Pays 15x for 5 on the withdrawal line
  • Hunter – Pays 12.5x for 5 on the withdrawal line
  • Engineer – Pays 10x for 5 on the withdrawal line
  • Circle of the ship – Pays 8x for 5 on the withdrawal line
  • Anchor – Pays 7x for 5 on the withdrawal line
  • Rights – Pays 6x for 5 on the withdrawal line
  • Card color symbols – They pay from 4x to 2x for 5 on the withdrawal line

Riders of the Storm

RIDERS OF THE STORM Slot Bonus Functions

The wild symbol is a crystal ball that meets several functions in this game. She will give you a good thing 15-fold payment if you hit 5 On the withdrawal line and as always the Wild symbol replaces other symbols. It can also land with an attached multiplier 2xWhat can give you some good winnings in the basic game.

A function is also available in the basic game Mystery Wild Reel, which can be randomly activated with each spin. This will give you a maximum of 4 rolls Fully arranged with symbols wild, As a result, it can give you decent winnings.

Riders of the Storm slot darmowe spins

In Riders of the STORM, they are available 4 different options Free spins, One for each character, and the mystery option. When you land 3, 4, or 5 symbols Scatter Kompasów. In the same spinning, you will first receive a prize accordingly 2x, 20x, or 200x. Then the time has come to choose your destiny, and different options will look like this:

  • Engineer (low variability and 96.14% RTP) – It gives 15 free spins with a 2x Wild multiplier.
  • Hunter (average variability and 96.15% RTP) – Gives 10 free spins with a 3-fold Wild multiplier.
  • Captain (high variation and 96.14% RTP) – Gives 6 free turns with a 5-fold Wild multiplier.
  • Mystery Option (96,14% RTP) – Gives a random number of revolutions between 6 and 15, with a random multiplier Wild between 2x and 5x.

You may think that only 6 spinów tA little too little? Think about it, because when you get 5-fold Wild MultipleYou will take advantage of the return. This means that you often receive here a lot more turnover for your DOLCE, and the potential is the biggest when you choose Captain Mode. You can also restart the functions of free spins with a maximum of 33 additional spins.

Riders of the Storm slot bonus

If you are not sure if you would like to play in the Riders on the Storm slot for real money, it’s worth trying it using a bonus offered by one of the online casinos. After the release of this slot, you can try to join the new online casino offering Thunderkick games and pick up bonus Welcome, which you can then use on Riders of the Storm or other casino slots. Check online casinos that we recommend below if you are looking for a safe and satisfying experience in which you can try your happiness!

Riders of the Storm slot

RIDERS OF THE STORM Slot Min / Max Bets, RTP, Variability, and Max win

This charming video automatic offers plants from 0.05 cents to a maximum of 100 euros For Spin, which makes this an appropriate slot for all types of budgets.

In the Riders of the Storm, we love the player to choose the preferred variability in the round of bonus turnover. The basic game offers quite a medium level of variation but if you start this round, you will be able to play as you like. The return for the player is not particularly high and is from 96,14% to 96,15%But if you’re lucky to land on some bonus functions, you can see a significant increase in prizes. Riders of the storm, unfortunately, does not contain a jackpot, but there is still a lot to win. You can maximize to win to 26426 times Step.

Riders of the storm slot graphics and sounds

Riders of the Storm has a steam-running effect on its design, which should be pleased to players who are fans of this theme. Among the high-paid symbols, there are several characters, as well as other symbols that have a sea connection, such as a ship wheel, anchor, or hook. Compass and diamond are the two most distinctive symbols. The quality of graphics is very good, even though the game colors are also on the game rollers.

Riders of the Storm