Spinsane is a new slot from Netent which is based on the theme of wildlife in the style of indigenous Americans, which we also saw in other games, with an emphasis on the same creatures from North America. Expect a game that has high variability and prizes to match it.

Slot functions

This is not an ordinary game machine, at least according to modern standards. He has ordinary drums 5 x 3 and 5 paylines, But symbols on them are based on a classic stepper mechanic and contain empty items, so you do not even have a guarantee that you will receive symbols in all places. For some reason Netent He decided to replace empty fields, which we can not understand completely.

You will see on the drums claws wolf, paws and wolves head. You will also observe the same symbols Scratches signs – They are known as Super symbols And they offer increased value. The highest payable symbol, Wilk’s head, give you a 50-fold rate for 5 in the kind. On the other hand, the equivalent of this symbol as Super symbol with signs of scratches, gives you 500 times a pipe for 5 in the entire payline. Super symbols can replace standard symbols of the same type to obtain the highest possible winning combination. Letter „W” This is a Wild symbol and replaces all symbols except the Scatter symbol. WIld Appears only on drums 2, 3, 4, 5.


Free spins

5 or more symbols Scatter Appearing anywhere on drums activates the function Free spins and I will admit two times more spins than symbols Scatter You’ve come to. For example, if the main game appears with 5 symbols you will receive 10 free spins and if it appears 10 You will receive symbols 20 free spins. This is not a bad amount of free spins that you can potentially get in spins. Most games offer between 5 – 10 And in Spinsane you can get on to 20 If you’re a little happy.

When free turnover will be launched, the drum set will change the color on a live orange, and one random drum (2, 3, 4, or 5) will be filled with symbols WIld During each turn. In addition, you can win even more free spins during the round free spins because every symbol Scatter appearing anywhere on the drums admits every Additional free rotation. We know that everyone loves free turns, well, Spinsane offers plenty and enormous payment potential!

 Slot bonus

If you are not sure if you would like to play a Spinsane slot for real money, it’s worth trying it using a bonus offered by one of the online casinos. After the release of this slot, you can try to join the new online casino offering games Netent and pick up bonus Welcome, which you can then use on a spindle or other casino slot. Spinsane was released just two days ago so we are sure that many casinos will offer promotions and free spins on this slot. Check online casinos that we recommend below if you are looking for a safe and satisfying experience in which you can try your happiness!

Spinsane slot

Min / Max Bets, RTP, Variation, and Max win

This game will be based on 10 linear plants, from 10 or more coins required to activate drums. The selected plant level will decide how many coins go to each of these lines. Another option of the best available for the player is the value of the coin that starts with 0.01 cents And from there goes up. When it comes to a minimum bet, drums will rotate in exchange for just 0,10 cents for a maximum plant 500 euro for AIDS.

This is a game that can withdraw a big amount and gives the player the main goal to seek during the game. The final payment in Spinsane will reach the total stake of 5000x, Which falls out in comparison with many other games.

In the game that pays off, you can expect that this experience will ensure average or large variability this is exactly what it is spinning. This is not a game that will pay something so often, but it will only pay the large sums that are worth at least trying this slot. Announced RTP to 96,26%What is a satisfactory number, so when it comes to a refund for the player, we have nothing to complain about.

Graphics and soundtrack

Inspiration for the history of the game is the culture of indigenous Americans and their focus on animals that have been seen around them. Wolves are a large part of this, along with the imprints of paws, logos, and creatures on the moon, all these symbols can be found in Spinsane Slot. This is not a great design if we are honest, certainly not at a level that we have seen in the offer of vending machines from the Netent in the past.