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Certainly you are a well-known story of a boy raised in the African jungle through gorillas? Tarzan is the king of the jungle, the son of an English marriage, which crashed a ship at the shores of Africa. The main character is more related to the world of animals than people. It is extremely strong and clever – life in the jungle taught him resourcefulness, cloit and dealing in hard situations, but in addition, it made a huge physical force in it. He is a leader and guardian of a gorilla herd. It is characterized by nobility and courage.

Tarzan Slot tells the story of John Clayton, who grew up in the jungle. When he grew up, he met the beautiful Jane Porter. He saved her from the jungle beasts and then married her. The American Edgar Rice Burroughs writer wrote this adventure history that has been repeatedly dialed. Now you can also see it in this video-slot in 3D! This addictive game full of adventures has the highest 3D graphics and animations connected with the wonderful soundtrack that will make you move to this fairy-tale world!

Tarzan slot

Tarzan slot features game

The game was inspired by the screening of EDGARA Rice Burroughs’s novel “Tarzan among the monkeys” and designed by the Microgaming Games Manufacturer and released on the market in December 2016. It is built from 5 drums, 4 rows, 40 permanent winning lines.

Meet the jungle, watch John Clayton’s adventures and his love story from Jane Porter playing on the tarzan machine. Use its functions and funny animations in 3D!

Tarzan Slot Free Spiny

Free spiny They allow you to play in 12 free games. This amazing bonus game has two functions that can significantly increase your winnings. The first one is Rolling Reels. Each time you create a winning combination, the symbols created will be burned by fire. Empty spaces will be filled with another part of the symbols falling from above. This will last until you can create more winning lines. Another feature of the game is Growing Wilds. With each spin, the Number of Wild symbols increases, so you can get to 15 Wild symbols.

Tarzan Slot Slot Bonus

If you are a player who adore the FREE SPINA and BONUS RUTES, this machine is just for you. Tarzan lived in a civilized world for a while, but he returned to the jungle. It remembers some entertainment from the civilized world and decides to create your own fortune. You can give him the opportunity to play Tarzan casino. To do this, simply press 3 or the “Bonus” symbol. Tarzan will take care of the wheel. Turning them, you can also win free spins.

Tarzan Slot Graphics and Sounds

The game window is on the jungle background, where you can keep Tarzan Society. The graphics of the game certainly belong to the extraordinary. It is distinguished by colored details, and fantastic animations will certainly bring your attention. In turn, the enigmatic soundtrack, with the singing of birds and the sounds of nature, will facilitate you to move to the African Forest.


Tarzan Slot RTP i Volatility

Tarzan is a medium-high variation game, which is associated with a slightly increased risk. However, higher risks are associated with high winnings. The solvency of this slot is 96.48%. Percentage of payments is the ratio of betting values to the win ‘value. If the casino has, for example, a percentage of payments 98%, this means that the player who set AUD 1,000,000, wins AUD 998 000, and the casino will stop AUD 2,000.

Tarzan Slot Our opinion

With a clear conscience, we can recommend you trying this game. In our opinion, this slot is an extremely charming game with great potential for pretty decent winnings. Graphics with 3D elements of this slot are at a very high level, and the themes of the game very original. It can be found in all casinos containing links in this article. We wish you great fun and high winnings.

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