Who did not hear about Alice in Wonderland? This novel reaches 1865 and was created by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. This extremely popular book retains absurd sleep logic, is filled with satirical allusions, referring to friends and enemies. Incredibly creatively composed. Many can draw with creative inspiration, which also noticed the creators of online vending machines. Naturally, hundreds of machines based on this charming topic appeared over the years. However, despite such a lot of their number, we found that White Rabbit from Big Time Gaming is a vending machine that stands out more than other fantastic graphics, surreal atmosphere, and intriguing functions! Read on to learn details about this game and check which online casinos offer them as part of your portfolio.

A white Rabbit is a 5-reel machine with a maximum of 248832 ways to win, showing known figures of Lewis Carroll on the drums. They belong to them a crazy Hatter, Dodo, TweedLedee, and TweedLedum, a cup of tea, cheeky Cheshire Cat, and a high-paid queen. On the drums, there are also precious stones and card symbols worth 9 to Aases. All symbols may appear in small or large formats, which means that they may include more than one place on the drums. A caterpillar lurks in the background.

White Rabbit

Sound and Graphics Slot

White Rabbit, like the majority of BTG slots, offers an addictive design that will certainly impress you. You can find all the symbols from Alice in Wonderland, and in the background, there is a forest, inhabited by caterpillars. All this creates a fascinating surrounding. Actions are accompanied by quick-paced music, and in total both design and sounds can recall this magical and surreal atmosphere that reminds Alice in Wonderland.

Slot Darmowe Spins

What are free spins? Free spins are the most popular offer that you can only find in online casinos. These are free spins that will increase your chances of winning, with a smaller financial investment. Competition among the casino is becoming more and more casino operators, as well as gaming manufacturers, realize that fans of games on machines are very much bonuses in the form of free spins. By playing with “single-hand bandit” vending machines, we realize that every additional spin increases the chance for a great win.

This vending machine contains a scatter symbol; When it goes to drums 2, 3, and 4, it starts the function of free spins, and players receive 15 free spins. Exceptional functions of this machine will come to light. Free spins are played on a new set of drums when you go down the rabbit hole, and the drums can now contain the symbol “Eat me”, which is immediately replaced by 2 new symbols.

Slot Minimal / Maximum bet

The minimum bet that you can bet on this slot is 0.10 euros and the maximum is 20 euros per spin.

RTP Slot and variation

RTP or the percentage of payments (Return to Player) is the ratio of betting values to the win value. If the casino has, for example, a percentage of payments 98%, this means that the player who set AUD 1,000,000, wins AUD 998 000, and the casino will stop AUD 2,000. In most games, you can find information with the game settings and check what percentage is set for a given slot. The most frequently encountered RTP is about 95-96%. RTP SLOTS White Rabbit is 97.3%. The slot has very high variability.

If you’re looking for an innovative slot, which is equipped with interesting features and also offers great graphics, it’s with a clear conscience, we can recommend you try this game. According to us, White Rabbit is a very nice game with great potential for pretty decent winnings. Some bonus functions were indeed difficult to run, but the winnings in the round of free spins were quite satisfying. Why not try yourself? Begin the adventure in Wonderland to gain huge prizes!

White Rabbit