• The second game from the Pop wins series from Avatar UX suppliers and Yggdrasil
  • Many functions and including Random Wilds and exploding symbols
  • Up to 33,614 ways to win!

This machine can seem sweet, but it is far from any vision of sweets, which you can now have in your head. Yes, this game is called Wild pops (crazy lollipops) – However, his appearance is not candy at all. This game machine does not resemble anything that you have seen earlier, which makes the Wild Pops slot unique.

Before you start to turn on the drums, you will notice that the symbols freely flow – in other words, are not included in a rigid frame. This is important because every symbol disappears in the air after pressing the bet button, and new symbols appear in the void.

Wild pops offer 33,614 ways to win, a whole lot of various interesting functions, and RTP at 96.2%. Read the full inspection of Wild pops to find out what you can still expect before it is released on July 9, 2020!

Game name:Wild Pops
Supplier:Yggdrasil i Avatar UX
Functions:Expanding rollers

Symbole wild



Payment lines:243 – 16,807
Minimum bet:0.20€
Maximum bet:50€
The highest win:547,050‬€

Get a bonus to use for WildPops automat!

Wildpops automat will be available to players on July 9, 2020. Remember to visit the casino below that offers games from the Yggdrasil supplier after the machine release this machine to get a bonus or a few free spins.

Wild Pops

Wildpops symbols and withdrawals

Paid symbols in the WildPops automata are divided into three categories – low payable, much paid, and the most cost-effective symbols. As always we have low-paid symbols of card values 9-A In the style of a screen printing, and the above-paid symbols are a collection of seven different Asian icons.


The most profitable symbol pays 30x for 5 symbols, while other symbols pay off 1.2x of 5x Step. All symbols with the lowest value paid 0.5 times Department.

Minimal and maximum stakes

You will be able to play Wildpops automaton starting from 20 cents for a maximum of 50 euro For turnover. Wildpops will be available on your favorite casinos that offer games from Yggdrasil from July 7, 2020!

RTP, variability, and frequency of hits

RTP Wildpops automat it is 96.2% And this is a slot High variation. The average frequency of winnings in the game is 21,8%. The probability of starting an additional Wild function is 1/43, and the probability of activating the additional spins function is 1/357.

Maximum win

The maximum payment from the WildPops automation is 10941 x Your bet, i.e. at the highest possible level of the plant (EUR 50 for turnover), You can win a maximum of 547,050 EUR.

Game functions

As for functions, Wildpops has a lot to offer, and their advantage is that they work in full tandem, creating pleasant synchronism. Everything starts with mechanical developing drums pop wins, granting multipliers, as well as adding new Random Wild function, What we will mention below.


First of all, when the winnings will create a combination, the multiplier counter next to the drums increases by the number of symbols used in combination. A multiplier begins with x1, increasing each Seventh symbol with +1. Multiplier resets back to x1When a new winning combination does not appear, and the grid resets to the default size.

Additional life / spins

If every drum reaches 7 columns. Players will receive 3 additional life – substantially 3 Free spins. Life means that when no new winning combinations do not land, the net remains in size 5×7, But all symbols are falling from the board to replace them with new symbols. In addition, during an additional round to live, the multiplier does not reset to zero, and it remains as it was.

Wild Pops slot

Random Wild function

A new addition to the WildPops automation is the Random Wild function. Wild symbols do not appear organic but When players win three times in a row, 2 Wild symbols are added in random positions. This feature pops up every three winnings, so it can appear again with the sixth or ninth victory and so on.

Graphics and sounds

Wildpops is the second part of the Pop wins from the Developer Avatar UX, studies from Hong Kong, which works with the Swedish game creator Yggdrasil Gaming. Wildpops maintains a tradition thanks to a lot of Asian symbols inspired by a game consisting of developing rollers, multipliers, and a new Wild function.

On the one hand, several aspects remained very close to the original version PopWinsIn addition to a few obvious visual changes. This means that those who prefer more of the same will enjoy the famous reels set on another blurry background. Wildpops is more fun than its original version, with a slight green background and more eye-friendly symbols on rollers.

Automatic machines with similar subject

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Wild Pops