Deal Or No Deal is a game based on a popular game show in Australia, while in the following review, we will focus on testing whether it is good for players. We will look at the game strategies, payment options, security, website design, and bonuses.

Where do you play in Deal Or No Deal in Australia?

This is not the popular game as different versions of Roulette whether card games, however, that your favorite live casino has it in your resources.

What is Deal Or No Deal?

The game is the result of cooperation between Evolution Gaming with the company Endemol Shine, the owner of the rights to the show, in Australia known as “You do not play”.

For some time he was emitted on Telewizja Polsat, and he led him Zygmunt Chajzer.

The idea for the program was created in the Netherlands, from where he went to many countries around the world.

The original game was based on randomness.

The player had ahead of him 25 suitcases. In each of them, he could have the amount of money, from one penny to even a million zlotys.

The amounts were determined, but the player did not know which is in what suitcase. He chose one of them blindly and she became his prize.

Then he entered the action, serious banker, offering a proposal for buying a player’s suitcase.

If the participant agreed, he left the money if he did not – he continued.

The game was to leave the user with a banker’s proposal, or to the last suitcase when the player took what he pointed out.

Unfortunately, unlike the original, the player will not have the opportunity to win a million zlotys.

Deal Or No Deal Live

How to play Deal Or No Deal?

The game consists of three parts – elimination, additional draw, and Main round.

In the first part, the player puts a basic plant and turns the wheel.

The wheel is divided into three parts, and there are fragments on each of them.

To win, the upper triangle on the wheel must consist of the golden elements themselves.

If you want to facilitate the game, you will have to put a bigger bet. In return, you can buy one, two, or three rings.

One purchased ring increases the height of your bet three times, and two times.

If you fail to find it the first time, do not worry. Another bet will allow you to turn again and the money will go to the won pool.

Of course, if you decide to re-spin the wheel at all.

Between subsequent turnover, you have the option of changing the height of the plant.

Each of the next plants will allow you to add a multiplier to your basic plant.

The higher the multiplier, the greater the potential win.

You do not have to take part in a bonus round if you want to stop on the basic plant.

When the second phase will be completed, the time for the game is final. Your plant is multiplied with specific multipliers, and each of them is assigned to one of 16 numbers.

Also, 16 numbers go to unmarked suitcases visible on the live broadcast. The lower the number, the higher the prize.

One of them will go to the table before the leading and will be your win. 15 other suitcases will be opened individually until the end of the game.

You see more and more clearly with every open case, which can land in the option you have drawn. Exactly as in the original show.

In the beginning, the first three suitcases are opened. Trophy numbers are turned off from the game, and you are sure that you will not win these specific amounts.

This moment is the time to offer the game from the game. A mysterious banker offers the amount for which you will buy your suitcase.

If you decide on its suggestion, you can give up the game, take the money and watch the transmission to the end to check what you could win.

If not, you’re going on. You only have a few seconds to choose.

Its height depends on the remaining suitcases.

The game is carried out until two suitcases will remain – your and last one.

Then your option is opened and the win goes to your account if, of course, you did not give up the game before.

After completing this round, another party starts from the first circle and three gold symbols.

Deal or No Deal

Maximum payment height Calculate you, multiplying your bet needs times 500. Of course, provided you can qualify for the Main Round.

In addition, the winnings can be increased during the second round, but for the price of a higher plant.

The average return for the player in the game is slightly over 95 percent. This is a bit weaker than in the case of classic, French roulette, classifying this game within the limits of slot machines if referred to on RTP.

The fact that the manufacturer gives this indicator, however, means that the randomness in this game has been carefully planned so that the player would be sure that the game is not set in any way.

The money you will be subject to standard conditions when it comes to playing at the online casino.

Read carefully regulations to be sure that you have fulfilled them all. Thanks to this, you will not wait too long until your money will be in your bank account.


Most of the time the game is random. The numbers generator decides whether you will get to the bonus round, and how much will you win your win.

Also, the number that will be in your suitcase, and thus the final winnings are randomly elected before you connect to the studio. However, the strategic element appears when a mysterious banker offers you the opportunity to leave the game in return for a certain amount of money.

Of course, if large winnings remain undiscovered, the banker’s proposal will be high.

Remember, however, that unveiling a few suitcases with high amounts will make another proposal may be much lower.

Therefore, observe the situation in the game to decide what will be the best for you.

Hope that this is where the highest amount can be found in your suitcase.

Deal Or No Deal

Graphics and sound

Let’s start with the first two parts of the game. These look quite generally and to some extent resemble the appearance of a television show.

The graphics in them are readable, although you will not be devoted too much attention.

Rather, you should treat this game as well made slot than something that will allow you to get acquainted with the show experience.

Similarly with the soundtrack available in these stages. A few simple effects, from behind which voices are piercing from studies.

The whole gives the impression of a waiting room in which the most important element is waiting for you after entering the studio.

However, when you already pass qualifications, the whole changes unnoticed.

The game offers transmission from a studio in HD quality, with various vision angles, which allows you to feel like on a real TV set.

You do not have any choice of shots, but in the Fertility of the game, it will not be a problem.

A live program is run by a professional dealer who is accompanied by hostesses, which in subsequent stages open the suitcases.

Thanks to this, the experience is full of immersion and makes you get into not even for long hours. The whole makes a professional impression.

Other Deal Or No Deal style

If you’re a service fan, online casinos do not have too many options for you.

Most of them are limited to a version of roulette or card games with a live dealer.

However, if you prefer a bit more complicated games, the Evolution Gaming studio has prepared something for you.

For example, let the game Dream Catcher, which reminds the show to some extent “The wheel of fortune”.

You do not watch the password in it, but a circle whose turn decides about the height of the win can already associate.

Established games based even on recital “Millionaires”, program “Idol” or similar reality shows.

Although the game is limited to waiting for a specific layout of symbols on the board, they can bring similar emotions, which to take part in the show.

Deal Or No Deal Live