Mega Moolah is a hit, or rather a mega-hit and one of the most frequently played casino games. This vending machine was released in 2009 by Microgaming and from that time, being progresywnym jackpotemhe reached over 6 million pounds. The Safari style theme is based on a cartoon king lion with many animals and a lot of “moolah” (Slang for the word cash), which you can win in this slot. Let’s take a closer look at the functions of games and bonuses and see where you can play online casinos on this fantastic game now!

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Mega Moolah Jackpot Slot functions

Mega Moolah is a vending machine 5 × 3 which contains 25 payouts with a maximum height of the plant 125 monet. Jungle theme / Safari will take you in a foggy desert sunset, where you will see symbols like Antelops, monkeys, zebras, elephants, water buffalo and giraffe together with typical card symbols, such as Nine, ten, Jack, Queen, King and AS.

Mega Moolah’s Wild Symbol It is represented by the game hero and the king of wild nature, a fluffy and friendly lion. The LWA symbol replaces all other symbols, except for the scatter symbol.

Behind two You will receive LWA symbols 15 coins. Three Lion symbols will give you 125 monet, but for 4 You will receive the impressive lions 1500 monet. To get 15,000 monet, You will have to hit 5 Wild Lion symbols On the drums, which will not be so easy. LWA symbols are also a multiplier function in this game, so if the lion will help you create a winning combination, doubles your winnings.

Symbol Scatter Monkey Which in this slot there is a monkey, it will help you call free spins we’ll look later.

The Mega Moolah Bonus Wheel A premium wheel is something very exciting. This type of Fortuna wheel functions is what can help you win large winnings in this game and approach you to get a multi-million Jackpot. These functions are activated randomly and may appear at any time. When the bonus wheel starts to rotate, you must click the stop and keep your fingers crossed that it will land on one of the Jackpot prizes.

Mega Moolah slot jackpot

Ok, so it’s time for what you really want to read, right? Jackpots! In this game there is not just one, but until Four jackpots! Mini Jackpot started from 10, Minor Jackpot from 100, successively Major starting from 10,000 and at the end of the largest mega jackpot started with 1 million – These four jackpots will grow when more people will play this game, and believe us, every now and then a new player enters the game and Jackpotes do not stop growing!

Since the release of several happy has become multimilioners thanks to Mega Moolah slot, which contributed to the second record of the world when it comes to slot games. Recently, on September 28, 2018, Mega Moolah granted the greatest win so far: 18,915 872,81 €! Jonathon Heywood Cheshire from Great Britain, who placed only 25 pence, launched a Mega Jackpot in October 2015 and won – wait for it – 13.2 million GBP. It’s a lot of “moolah” if you ask us. If you want to try your happiness and join a small Mega Moolah Million Army, play in one of the recommended casinos below

Mega moolah free spiny

Pay attention to the purple and red SCATTER Symbol monkeys. If you hit 3 monkeys, you run a free spins bonus game that activates an attractive part of 15 Free spins. This is a great addition to the game not only because it can be triggered during the rounds of free spins, but also because it allows you to play longer and bet more, thanks to which you increase your chances of getting one of these four jackpots we mentioned earlier.

Mega Moolah Slot Min / Max Bets, Jackpot and Variation

The minimum bet on Mega Moolah’s slot begins with 1 Pensa and grows up to 6.25 pound, What is not much, but attracts many players who do not want to bet too much, but still want to get a great main prize. In this regard low variability Mega Moolah is probably the best choice in history. Medium phrase for a player or otherwise RTP This game is decent 94%.

Mega molah slot graphics and soundtrack

The game is quite pleasant, especially if you like safari, animals and king lion. Symbols are colored and well-made with lots of ryków and jungle sounds in the background. But let’s be honest, even if it was the most terrible look in history, we would still play every day every day, because what particularly attracts us to this game it does not look or sound, but enormous jackpots.

Mega Moolah slot bonus

So we are sure that after reading our review you can not wait to start playing Mega Moolah and get one of these super juicy jackpots. But before you go to one of the random online casinos, check our special offers of the best casinos in Australia that offer the most attractive welcome bonuses on the market and additional free spins for online slot machines. Below we have prepared a list of the most proven casinos in which you will definitely find the offer perfectly suited to your needs!

Mega Moolah – our opinion

Mega Moolah is one of those machines that offer a changing life of prizes, even with minimal plants. If you have never played this game before, you have to try as soon as possible, because Jackpotes grow in every second, and thousands of players constantly turn on wheels. The project is nice, the functions are great and the minimum plant is the lowest in history. In this masterpieces Jackpot Microgaming has nothing to complain about, so we assume that it’s time to stop reading and began to turn!

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