The current situation on the Australian Casino Market makes the parties to many foreign suppliers blocked by the government, contrary to the provisions in force in the European Union. The strength of the devoted players and the Internet is much stronger and there are ways to circumvent these locks. If, when you try to enter any foreign casino page, it will pop out on the screen we put below, then we will tell you how to facilitate the entry into the so-called “Forbidden” page.

System DNS

One way to unlock your favorite casinos or bookmakers is by using a DNS system that changes domain names to IP addresses, followed by a redirection to the selected website. Changing the Google DNS server can be carried out without expertise on your own computer or your smartphone. This works in a very simple way. The Bet-at-Home casino team prepared a very practical guide for his players with attached screenshots:

VPN change

The next way to circumvent this problem is to change the VPN.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service that allows you to connect to the Internet from anywhere in the world, thanks to which no one unauthorized will not be able to intercept your data sent over the Internet, without significance where you are. Thanks to this you will be able to play the casino you only like, and your data will not be able to be assigned to a specific user because the Internet will not see the user’s IP address. We recommend a free VPN built into an opera that is very easy to use and effective. Opera VPN works on Windows, OS and Linux.

We hope that thanks to these solutions, you will not miss exclusive bonuses for Australian casinos players below:

How to Way Casino Picture Block