Do you feel like a new game with a progressive jackpot? And what do you say on 5 progressive jackpots in one game? Jump on board the ship and survive the adventure in amazing locations from Yggdrasil And Become a Jackpot Raider! In our review of the Jackpot Raiders automation, we will present a review of the functions and prizes you can expect by opening gears with treasures to collect maps, jewels and other prizes! Prepare, because the name of this game with many functions is noticed, but we will do our best to explain how it all works!

Jackpot Raiders Slot functions

Jackpot Raiders is a 5-reel machine with 20 winners winning, with colorful drums on the ship’s cabin. Symbols include typical Kier, Karo, Diamonds and Piki, Designed with Treasure path inside, backpacks, hat, captain bear and explorer. The latter is the most profitable symbol in the game that pays 200x pipe for a combination 5 symbols. In the slot Jackpot Raiders There is no Wild symbol, but there is a SCATTER symbol, and 2 These symbols will give you access to functions Pick & Click, a 3 from them will send you directly to Free spins!

If you hit 2 symbole scatter and you activate the function “Click and select”you can choose one of 5 Chests to win one of the following options:

  • Multiplier 1, 2 or 4 times rate
  • 10 free Jackpot spins
  • Access to the Treasure Search Round
  • 1 random map for a map collection.

Above drums in the Jackpot Raiders slot, you will notice that the minimum amounts 5 Progressive Jackpots They are displayed as follows (from left to right):

  • Forgotten Jackpot – €40
  • Rare Jackpot – €200
  • Mythical Jackpot – €600
  • Ancient Jackpot – €1,500
  • Legendary Jackpot – €15,000

To win any of these jackpots, players must collect adequate jewels in the functions of free spins Jackpot Raiders, which we will explain below.

Jackpot Raiders Free Spiny and Round Bonus

If you hit 3 or more Scatter symbols while playing in Jackpot Raiders, You will start the function Compass, which will provide you with automatic access to 10 free spins Jackpot an additional prize if you hit more than 3 scatter symbols:

  • 3 SCATTER Symbols – Players will receive a compass and entering free spins
  • 4 SCATTER Symbols – Players receive a compass 50x stake
  • 5 SCATTER symbols – Players will receive a compass 500x rate!

As free spins are playing, you will start collecting gems for each suitable jackpot. If you can gather 5 jewels of the same coloryou will win the right jackpot! What’s more, all wins during free Jackpot spins will also have 3-fold multiplier!

Jackpot Raiders Bonus Function Treasure Hunt

If you hit just 2 Symbole ShortsR In the basic game, you will enter the function Pick & Click And you will have the opportunity to get free Jackpot spins if you choose the right treasure chest. You can also win one of the following prizes:

  • Multiplier 1, 2 or 4 times rate
  • Entrance to treasure exploration function
  • 1 random map for a collection of maps

When it comes to a collection MapPlayers will have a meeting mission 5 different maps in the Jackpot Raiders slot – Map of the Rush Temple, Map of the Jungle Ruins, Map of Gate Gate, Map of Desert Graves and Map of Templar Graves, each of them corresponds to one specific roll. Players can fill every collection by reaching 5 identical mapsAnd when they do, they will also receive 10 free Jackpot spins, starting from the jewel for the right collection of Jackpot.

In the bonus function Treasure hunt Players must choose whether to accept the character Alone or bear. Sam will lead to better prizes when he open a chest with a treasure, but it is more willing to fail the mission! Bear, on the other hand, will give you smaller prizes that have a greater likelihood! Then players will have to choose a route, each of which has three levels of risk: safe, risky and very risky – with relevant prizes, of course! In fact, the boxes may contain one of the following elements:

  • Cash prize from 50 to 1800 coins
  • Random map for the Free Spins collection
  • Relic for free Sunken City spins

All these options give players some control over the variability of this bonus function, which in our opinion is quite cool!

When you choose your character, you will have 3 chances To exceed the river to open the chest. After opening the chest, you move one level (in total there are 3 levels) and of course each level has higher prizes!

What’s more, if you can gather 5 relics function Search for treasureyou will get access to free spins Sunken City with 10 free spins! All winnings will receive 10-fold multiplier used in this highly satisfying round, and you will also start the round from 1 jewel In every jackpot, which will increase the likelihood of winning one of 5 Jackpotes!

Jackpot Raiders slot bonus

Wow, this must be the most functional game that we have reviewed for months! But do not let it discourage you, because really this slot is not as complicated, as it seems! And if you want to play first Jackpot Raiders With a bonus, you can always apply for a deposit bonus in a reliable casino accessible to players from Australia, which offers machines YggdrasilL. Check the ones we have recommended below, all of which guarantee bonus and the percentage of the first deposit in bonus funds.

Where to play in the Raiders Jackpot Slot

Jackpot Raiders Slot Min / Max Carnings, RTP, Variability and Jackpots

You can already play Jackpot Raiders in one of the renowned casinos available for players from Australia, starting from 20 cents up to 40 euros For each spin. Slot RTP 96,3%, a Variability is high to high. If you are lucky with free spins and hit on Legendary Jackpotyou can win to 4.100 times the rate!

Jackpot Raiders Slot Graphics and Soundtrack

If you like machines with fantasy motifs and a stunning resembling scenery Narnia and the ruler of the Rings, you will love the appearance of the slot Jackpot Raiders! After selecting one of the functions you will be moved to a different location as you progress in your adventure, and the soundtrack will reflect the action, ensuring that you will be vigilant and ready for emotions that are waiting for you!

Jackpot Raiders Slot – OUR OPINION

You must admit that Jackpot Raiders may not be for everyone – if you prefer less complicated machines, we would say that you should definitely choose something else. However, we can not not appreciate Yggdrasila for coming up with such a complex game and we believe that you will like many players with a sense of adventure! Frequency of hit and the potential of winning are great, and the graphics simply stunning! If you like what you’ve learned about this machine, try Jackpot Raiders in your favorite online casino or choose a new casino from those we recommend on this page to get a welcome bonus!

Jackpot Raiders